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You Never Knew The Meaning Behind These 15 Well-Known Symbols 

Even before language was cultivated among human civilizations, there have been proofs of men communicating with symbols. The best feature of a symbol is to convey elaborate message or thought in minimum effort. Even after all these years, symbols haven't lost their importance in our daily lives.We come across a thousand symbols every day, each having a meaning of their own. We use a lot of them as well, especially when words are not enough to convey our feelings. But, have you ever wondered if the meaning you are stating is right? Do you know how these symbols originated? What are the meanings behind those symbols?We at WittyFeed decided to go through some of the symbols that we use as a daily affair and bring you the hidden meanings; much of which are hidden to you.

01. The 'Power On' Symbol

Yes, the same symbol that can be found on all devices. It goes back to the binary age in 1940 where engineers used a binary system for representing switches, where one meant on, and zero meant off. As the decades, it has transformed into a sign that means a circle (zero) and a vertical line (one).

02. The Bluetooth Symbol

How many of you know the King Harald Blåtand, a historical figure who was famous for uniting Danish tribes into a single kingdom? He was often called 'Bluetooth' since he was a known lover of blueberries, and one of his teeth had a permanent blue tint.The Bluetooth symbol representing this technology is a combination of two Scandinavian runes: 'Hagall' (or 'Hagalaz') which is the analog of the Latin 'H', and 'Bjarkan' — a rune that equals the Latin letter 'B'.

03. Command Key

The 'Command Key' is a looped square that is called a 'Bowen Knot' and is used in Scandinavian countries to mark the places of interest.

04. The Medical Symbol 

This symbol definitely has a lot of theories attached. The symbol basically has a staff and two snakes. Legends say that the Greek god Hermes aka Mercury possessed a magic staff. And the Caduceus had the power to stop any disputes between enemies, but it had nothing to do with medicine.

05. The "OK" gesture

Yes, we know we have all used this quite a lot of times. But here's the sneak. There are a lot of theories related: 1. One hypothesis goes back to the 7th U.S. President Andrew Jackson when he used this expression when finalizing his decisions.2. Anther theory tells that it is nothing but a 'Mudra'. This is according to Buddhism and Hinduism.

06. The '@' symbol

It's origin story is quite ambiguous. The traditional theory suggests that @ shows the shortened version of the Latin preposition ad (to, on).However, in the 16th century, the sign was interpreted to mean 1 amphora and a unit of weight, arroba. The sign moved to the computer language from the English typewriters, representing at on a keyboard.

07. Radioactive

The symbol was created in 1946 to indicate any radioactive materials, objects, and zones. The meaning of the sign is pretty obvious: it’s an atom and 3 types of radioactivity (alpha, beta, and gamma).

08. Check Mark

In Roman Mythology, Veritas was the Goddess of Truth, hence the term 'verification' means to checked to be true. The 'Tick Mark' weakly resembles the letter 'V', meaning that it's verified.

09. Recycle Logo

The symbol originally appeared on the first Earth Day in 1970. The three arrows symbolize non-renewable resources that should be preserved for future generations. And green is the color of nature.

10. USB symbol

It is simply the USB standard connection to a variety of devices (represented abstractly by a variety of basic geometric shapes). It also represents the extensibility of the standard: you can use one port to connect several devices.

11. The Peace Symbol

Let's go back to 1958 during the protests against the use of nuclear weapons, the symbol is a combination of “N“ and ”D,“ that stands for “Nuclear Disarmament.”

12. Section Sign

This sign is often found in books to mark a section of text. Some people suggest that it was formed by 2 'S' letters shortened from the Latin 'Signum Sectiōnis',meaning 'a section mark'.

13. The Copyright mark

The first symbols that indicated the author’s copyright appeared in 1670. In the USA in 1802, people used a long 'Copyright' notice. It was later shortened to © sign by 1909.

14. Period

The period originated in Greece and was of 3 types (high, middle, and low) whose position regulated their meaning. Initially, a complete idea was marked by the high dot (˙).But over time, only the low dot remained and acquired a modern meaning: the end of a sentence.

15. 'Hashtag'

IT has taken all over the Internet in the past decade. But before that, hashtagging was not even a term.In Latin Medieval literature, this sign represented a cross and was read as Cum Deo ("With God!"). It is also used to mark the pound weight symbol (lb).