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18 Things You Must Do To Make A Woman Feel Better During Her Periods

Men are extremely unaware of how a female body functions. They are hardly aware of the monthly menstrual cycle, the changes which occur in a woman's body during menstruation and other aspects. The lack of knowledge on the subject makes men unsupportive or of no help. Menstruation is a tough time for a woman to deal with. There are hormonal changes, mood swings, and many other unusual outcomes of these tough days. But what can men do here?To start off, here are 18 things a man should do when his woman is going through her periods. And, remember, these are chivalrous traits of a person so don't forget them. Instead of implementing them only during those days of the month, practice them in every moment you spend with them.

1. Don't talk about PMS

Now that you know some aspects of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and her cycles, doesn't mean you try to become the smarter one. Never try and bring up the topic to flaunt your knowledge, it will only piss her off. Try to make things normal around her and not as if she is suffering from something.

2. Cook for them

Yes, women expect their man to do nothing very extraordinary but if their man can cook for them, it can do wonders. It's surprising, shows your care for her and makes her happy.

3. Bring chocolates

You've cooked for her, thinking of a dessert? Chocolates, it is. Whether it is Valentine's day or the period day, buying chocolates for her is the best way to pamper her.

4. Some wine

Yes, she is tired and pouring her a glass of wine will be much appreciated. Just don't make her drink to the limit that she dehydrates. 

5. Don't touch them unnecessarily

It would be a good idea on a normal day, not on the days when she is bleeding. Trust me! It irritates them and that is the last thing you will want.

6. Don't judge them 

The release of hormones makes women go through a lot of mood swings. You must understand this and be supportive since women hardly have any control over it.

7. Educate yourself

It's one thing to know and another to face it entirely. Still, if you know more about the menstrual cycles then it will be easy for you to empathize her.

8. Help her

Yes, you read that correctly. It will make your woman feel elated when you understand the depths of the situation and help her with the daily chores.

9. Buy them pads and tampons

Don't be ashamed in doing so or run away from it. She needs you the most when she is not fit to walk down to the store and buy it herself.

10. Don't play doctor

One of the things which infuriate a woman in periods is that her man starts to give advise and act like he knows everything.

11. Make yourself available

I know you have a busy life, but nothing more will be satisfying for her when you're there on her bad day.Make her feel special and loved, pay attention to them.

12. Don't mess up

It's nice that you've thought of helping her, but in the process never let blunders happen in the kitchen or any of your childish acts mess things up. Your woman will be angry at you and also clean your mess. You don't want to upset her, right! She is running on low patience, don't screw up.

13. A massage 

The entire body of a woman aches during periods. They have cramps and abdominal pains, give them a good massage to relieve your woman from all that.

14. Be romantic

The bad days have made your woman dull, and a nice candle light dinner will certainly light her up. Make her feel special; she needs you.

15. Watch a movie

Don't go with what you want to see; I know couples argue a lot as to which film to stream. Give priority to her in these days and choose to play a movie which she likes, which will help her uplift her mood.

16. Don't ask for sex

A woman's body is gushing blood these days which is tiring enough for her, don't even ask for action in bed. She's already exhausted.

17. Prepare hot water bag

Using a hot water bag brings a lot of relief to her abdominal pains, try and be supportive. Prepare a hot water bag for her.

18. Be a listener

Lastly, you always should make sure that you listen to her instead of being the dominant one. Even so, if you don't generally follow the former, make sure that when she is emotionally vulnerable and impatient - you don't shout at her or fight with her. For some days, don't bring your problems as the first ones to be addressed. Be patient!SubscribeUpdated by Cnishq