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These Celebrities' Before And After Photoshop Pictures Are An Eye-Opener For Their Fans

We all have those days when we have our skin looking flawless, and our hair looking just perfect. But unfortunately, those days are very rare. Most of the times, I keep flipping through some of my favourite fashion magazines and dream of having skin, body shape and hair as flawless as celebrities.  While surfing the internet I found out a few original pictures of celebrities that had been altered highly. Their skin, nose curves, body and eyes all looked so perfect that for a moment I could not believe my own eyes. Later, I found out that these perfect pictures had been edited with the help of a simple tool, Adobe Photoshop. I was totally shocked after comparing the before and after Photoshop pictures of Hollywood celebrities, as Photoshop has been a wonder tool for all the photographers to enhance the beauty of their pictures.  So I created a collection of these before and after photoshop pictures for you to see:

1) Britney Spears

The photo of Britney Spears shows how magnificently her skin has been enhanced and made spotless. The spots on her face are completely gone after Photoshop. The photo has overall become more appealing and has a glowy touch in it. Photoshop truly does wonders for some pictures, and definitely, makes celebrities look more attractive. 

2) Angelina Jolie

They did not even spare the woman who is considered as one of the prettiest all over the globe. Here, anybody can clearly figure out that the ageing skin of Angelina has been modified to look better and on point. Isn't ageing a natural process? We are all ageing, day by day, minute by minute, then why set such contrary.

3) Jennifer Lawrence

How her waist line has been slimmed down, setting unreasonable standards of beauty for women. Isn't her original waist line already pretty slim and perfect?

4) Scarlett Johansson

See, how her skin is lightened by multiple tones, the marks on her faces removed and the skin brightened up. We, however, don't understand the need of it.

5) Rachel Weisz

From top to bottom, everything has been altered in this picture of Rachel. Her knees and legs have been narrowed and thinned down. Her skin tone brightened up obstructively!

6) Rachel McAdams

The puffiness under the eyes of 'The Notebook' actress seemed to have bothered the photographers a lot, I guess. How her wrinkle lines have been not reduced but blatantly removed, her already smooth skin smoothed even more! Why on earth?

7) Shakira

The 'Waka-Waka' singer has also been a victim of Photoshop, unfortunately! Her face has been altered in a manner for it to showcase a younger-than-her-age-look. Sharpened and slimmed chin, 

8) Beyonce

This looks like a debacle! Beyonce looks like a different person altogether. From her skin tone to her facial features.

9) Kim Kardashian

In March 2009, an un-retouched version of this Kim Kardashian photo appeared on Complex magazine's website. When it was replaced with the retouched, and presumably "official" version later, the Internet freaked out.

10) Madonna

We all know her age, okay!? We can picture her up in our heads and contemplate how she should look! For god's sake, she's my grandma's age. Like at least try making a little sense of what you're doing.

11) Thom Yorke

And to our misconception, not only women are the victims of photo-shopped pictures. Men are here in the list too! Look how Thom's nose has been slimmed and made pointed, his face is made to look healthier than it really is. 

12) Kourtney Kardashian

It saddens me when I see and contemplate that a woman, who just gave birth to another human being is not excluded from these shitty beauty standards of looking pretty and having a beautiful body!

13) Gwen Stefani

Such an iconic lady and still all they cared about was for her to have flawless looks and skin. Her face has been drastically altered where her dark circles seem to have completely vanished, her skin smoothed, made spotless and her face slimmed down.

14) Megan Fox

With those grey eyes, why would you need to alter any of her features? She's stunning! But well, that's not how everybody thinks. For some reason, her lips have been made to look perkier, her skin spotless, eyes enlarged and facial features pointed.

15) Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer already looks so young and attractive for her age, then why make changes to her pictures too? Ageing is a normal phenomenon, it'll happen to all of us! 

16) Kristen Stewart 

Whoever did this, should be sued! Unapologetic-ally hiding someone's teeth from their picture is offensive (at least, I'd be offended!) and not just that!

17) Kate Moss

Here, I suppose it was the need of the hour.

18) Alicia Silverstone

Doesn't she look utterly flawless in the original picture? I'm cringing while looking at the edited picture. Arrrggghhh. 

19) Emma Watson

We have all seen Emma Watson grow! From a little girl in Harry Potter series to an incredibly confident and smart young woman. Still, how she is made to look more mature for her age by visibly changing every feature of her face.

20) Britney Spears, yet again!

Why is she the ultimate Photoshop debacle?

21) Katy Perry

The joke is on whom here? Guess. 

22) George Clooney

He is no less than a debonair but somehow is still subjected to Photoshop alterations. With the heavy amount of editing done here, George looks s unreasonably young for his age. 

23) Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne! Her look is like that of every 'girl next door' and she's pretty as hell. But, obviously not according to the photographers to photograph them. This perfectly beautiful girl's skin tone is lightened & smoothed, face made to look thinner than it truly is!

24) Lady Gaga

I don't know whom or what to trust anymore. I have literally lost all my senses of judgement. If Lady Gaga can be made to look like a diva from that super bizarre picture, anything is possible!

25) Julia Stiles

How her hands are slimmed, skin tone, hair tone, lip color everything changed! Stuns me. 

26) Fergie

This clearly depicts the photographer and editor's desperate attempt to make Fergie look like a model half her age! Her enlarged breasts, brighter skin, wrinkle free skin and the list goes on!

27) Jonathan Rhys Meyers

The first movie I ever saw starring Jonathan was Bend It Like Beckham and boy! I was starstruck almost instantly! How could a boy look so perfect? It breaks my heart when I find out that even his pictures were photo-shopped!

28) Kim Cattrall

Oh my god! Wrinkles: gone. Skin hanging below her jaw: disappeared. Face made slimmer: Done right. Created disobliging beauty standards for women: check.