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17 Things You Must Know Before Getting Hair Straightened Using Chemicals

Some women have curly hair while others have fine, nearly straight hair. Even though it's perfectly fine to keep the hair the same way that you've been used to all your life, there also isn't anything wrong with wanting to change your hairstyle.Thus, some people go to the salon to get their hair chemically straightened. As soon as they see the results, they immediately become satisfied and go for more treatments. But the catch here is, while the short-term results might still look to be OK, long-term results may differ. There are many things you need to remember before having these chemical treatments.  Read on!

1. Stylists who love keratin treatments will not recommend them immediately.

Of course, you will immediately see the effects of the treatment. The problem is that the long-term effects will make you feel bad. Instead of chemically straightening your hair, why not use a flat iron instead? Well, because then you have chances of them getting burnt.

2. Chemical straightening can turn into an addiction.

Once you realize the effects of it, you will feel the need to get it as soon as you see slight issues in your hair. Worse, you won't immediately realize you've become addicted to the process.

3. The process doesn't guarantee perfectly straight hair.

If your hair is incredibly coarse, don't expect to have gorgeous straight hair after the treatment. Still, you will recognize that your hair will become less curly. On the other hand, having this treatment if you have fine hair will make it look dull.

4. Using keratin treatment at home can be risky too.

For one, formaldehyde could be part of the ingredients despite not appearing on the label. It could take the form of formalin, paraform, and oxomethane among others.

5. Even the precautionary methods taken by salons won't protect you from the side effects.

Some salons will provide you with masks and will also use vacuums, but they won't really prevent the chemicals from reaching you.

6. No chemical straightening treatment is perfectly safe.

Even if you ditch keratin treatment, the alternatives like the Pravana Perfection Smoothout aren't safe either.

7. Treatments proclaiming they have no formaldehyde aren't always truthful.

Despite the advertisements, these chemical treatments could still contain dangerous substances like formaldehyde.

8. Wait for 12 hours before washing your hair again.

If you immediately wash your hair, the treatment's effect won't be fully reflected.

9. These treatments chemically modify your hair structure.

See, every hair you have contains keratin. If you take a chemical treatment, the keratin chains will change. Thus, each process can damage your hair.

10. The result won't always satisfy you.

Sure, your hair can become shiny and straight, but it can also become greasy because of all the chemicals.

11. These chemical hair straightening treatments usually have toxic substances.

Even if you are exposed just once to a massive dose of keratin, you could immediately develop symptoms. These symptoms include headaches, fatigue, and even eye damage.

12. The Japanese thermal hair straightening treatment can cause an allergic response.

This process doesn't have formaldehyde, but it will surely have ammonium thioglycolate. This can cause hair breakage and allergic responses.

13. Do not chemically straighten your hair if you are pregnant.

The formaldehyde contained in some of these treatments can negatively affect fertility and even cause a miscarriage.

14. You will get exposed to formaldehyde in the salon even if you don't get the treatment.

This is because the dangerous chemicals float around the salon all day long.

15. Toxins can still appear after getting the chemical treatment.

These toxins could appear once they are exposed to heat.

16. You can experience hair loss if you include hair coloring treatments.

If you combine hair straightening and hair coloring, you risk having your hair burnt. Remember that you are taking risks whenever you decide to have a chemical treatment.

17. Having chemical straightening treatments repeatedly will put you at greater risk.

Once you become exposed to formaldehyde, each succeeding exposure could lead to allergic reactions. Sadly, this substance can be found in cars, fabrics, and even in furniture.So before you get that chemical straightening treatment, evaluate whether you are willing to take risks or not.