On In Relationship

Follow These 20 Tips To Make Your Relationship Last For 25+ Years 

Happy relationships don't just happen on their own; you have to make them happen. While it is not a herculean task to maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship, it ain't a cake walk either. However, by following a few simple things, you can ensure a blissful and lifelong relationship. Here are some expert tips to help you stay together and forever. But don't forget, it takes two to tango!  

1. Begin and end each day together. 

2. Accept each other as you are and don't try to change that. 

3. Show appreciation and don't take each other for granted.

4. Check on each other often, even if you are having a busy day. 

5. Be generous with compliments. 

6. Compromise and sacrifice in certain situations.

7. Don't be judgemental. 

8. Encourage each other.

9. Forgive and forget.

10. Be open and honest.

11. Laugh together.

12. Be loyal and true to your partner.

13. Let bygones be bygones.

14. Treat each other with respect.

15. Support your partner.

16. Surprise him/her and don't be a miser at pampering.

17. Trust each other.

18. Explore new places or do new things together.