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10 Gorgeous Women Who Redefined The Meaning Of Beauty 

Be your own kind of beautiful. This statement is a testimony to the fact that BEAUTY is much beyond the worldly standards already set. Being stick-thin and having a fair skin, we all must get over this, all this is passe now.In fact, too stereotype! (This will be your reaction at the present criteria when you will scroll down the piece here.) These ten women are the epitome of the Khalil Gibran quote, "beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart." They will change the way you perceive women and bring in a new insight, breaking all the shackles. Some great inspo coming your way. With names such as Winnie Harlow, Casey Legler and Madeline Stuart, these women are not the models whom you can grope with your eyes, but women with mettle who have proved to the world that they are much more than just what they are generally perceived to be.

#1. Winnie Harlow

Having been suffering from a prominent form of vitiligo, Winnie, a Canadian model, has believed in herself and defied the commonly accepted norms of beauty. You will be inspired to know that she became known after her stint in the US television series, America's Next Top Model. More than this, she is an activist and a spokesperson, having spoken for the Women in the World summit.

#2. Viktoria Modesta

Viktoria is a Latvia-born English artist and model. She suffers from a problem in her left leg, due to which she had to undergo a below-the-knee leg amputation in 2007. This was done to improve her mobility. This pop artist is an evolving beauty.

#3. Madeline Stuart

Madeline, only 20 years old has redefined beauty and is an Australian model, the first model to be suffering from Down's syndrome. It was in 2014 that she decided upon modelling and shed nearly 20 kgs for a photoshoot. I must say, definitely a dedicated girl. Madeline has appeared in magazines such as Vogue as well. 

#4. Casey Legler

Casey is the first woman to be signed as a Ford male model. Whoa! Now, that is ice-breaking! Something definitely off the mainstream. Having been a swimmer she has also been interested in music, before being signed by Ford. The breakthrough she received was given to her by her friend photographer, Cass Bird, who showed her photos to the company.

#5. Masha Tyelna

Masha is an unconventional model on the runway with majestic eyes. She has been referred to as an "alien model", for her eyes and body. This 5'11'' model's eyes have been described as cosmic for their colour and shape. Distinctive!

#6. Diandra Forrest

She is the albino woman to be signed by an agency. She is an African model and has been referred to as a "force of nature". Having had a troubled and teased childhood, due to her unusual beauty, Diandra did not step back. She has worked for brands such as MAC, Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier. This statement from her has set her apart from the rest of the world, "I like that I am not a cookie cutter girl."

#7. Carmen Dell'Orefice

Aged 85 now, Carmen is the oldest model and had started modelling at the age of 15. An American model and actress, she retired from modelling in 1958, after her second marriage, only to return in 1978. This gorgeous lady has modelled for some biggies of the world such as Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Mont Blanc, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar to name a few.

#8. Denise Bidot

Denise, the first plus-sized fashion model to grace the runway in 2014. During the start of her career, she walked for two brands in the New York Fashion week. She has been delivering some great photos for her audience and is fearless at it. Her two-piece bathing suit photos last year took the internet by storm. She has worked for brands such as Nordstrom, Forever 21, Old Navy and many more.

#9. Moffy

Moffy, the cross-eyed model is breaking all the industry typecasts. She is suffering from strabismus - or cross eyes. This has taken over the fashion industry and it is this look of her that has given her the success. Her becoming a model was an accidental phenomenon and had been discovered by Storm Models, the agency which discovered Kate Moss. Long way to Moffy, keep up the spirit!

#10. Erika Ervin

Professionally known as Amazon Eve, Erika is the tallest model, with a height of 6'8''. She is a transgender model and an actress too, but gave up acting due to the weird genre of roles offered to her, such as being an alien or a monster! You will be amazed to find that she tours around the world to participate in height comparisons photoshoots. That's so uncommon!Out-of-the-box is the word for these ladies! Great work damsels, we are so proud of you! Share the article and inspire your near ones.Feel free to reach out to me at vasundhara@wittyfeed.com