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10 Times When Robin From 'How I Met Your Mother' Gave Us Major Fashion Goals

Let's get honest here, How I Met Your Mother was a show where each one of us got the flair to dress to kill all the time. Be it Barney Stinson's elegant suits, Ted Mosby's sexy casual wear, Marshall's love for tuxedos, Lily's dresses that earned two syllables of 'damn', or Robin's love for blazers; the star cast of the sitcom never failed to reflect their panache.  Over the nine-year span of the American television series, the main characters landed their hands on vivid hairstyles, dress sense and their taste in colors. And the most influential of the five was Robin Scherbatsky, without a doubt.  So let's take a detour of Robin's classiest fashion statements and get inspired, trying to kill the looks as Cobie Smulders who plays the Canadian news reporter in the romcom did!

It's time we get some solid fashion inspiration from the Canadian hottie, Robin Scherbatsky!

1) To begin with, a silver shirt with a glittery black pencil skirt

Robin Scherbatsky proves you can be pretty glamorous at the office with the right choice of colors. Any shade of gray and silver on a black skirt will make you talk of the day at your workplace.

2) When she 'Suited Up' for her bro-time with Barney

Donned up in a black suit, Scherbatsky proved that confidence increases your class by many folds. And well, she did impress Barney Stinson with her love for suits and cigars! Need I say more? 

3) Bow-fitted hairbands and hoop earrings

Back when Robin Scherbatsky was asking everyone to go to the mall as Robin Sparkles, the Canadian pop star brought back the trend of the bigger accessories of the 80s, like hoop earrings, denim jackets, and huge hair bands. 

4) And this bombshell of a red dress!

Remember when Robin and Lily went on a dress hunt for a wedding Ted invited his lady love to? Well, the ladies landed their hands on this fiery red dress and Robin did 'bring it' to the reception. Doesn't she look absolutely stunning in this slightly revealing yet super classy dress?

5) Short white dress with knee-length black boots

There was one thing Robin was a total pro at; wearing boots. In the last episode of season 2, Robin looked absolutely breathtaking in this white dress, accessorized with diamond earrings and black boots. Didn't we fall in love with her once again during this breakup episode?

6) Accessorizing a white cap with a graphic t-shirt cum dress

Who would've thought shirt-dresses look so much cooler with a plain cap? Girls, it's time you start looking for matching caps for every cool graphic tee you've got in your closet!

7) Magenta top with dark blue jeans and brown boots

This is a kind of combination which makes you classy enough to enter a salon and simultaneously hang out with your friends at a bar. While most of us would have gone with beige boots with the dress, Scherbatsky proved she's the epitome of being classy with her trendsetting fashion choices.

8) Work blouses dueled with bright trousers

The season 8 of the romcom show saw Robin Scherbatsy in amazing color combinations. With shoulder length hair, she totally nailed her latest avatar; cream shirt with maroon pants, royal blue jumpsuits, white shirts, black blazers and dark blue pencil trousers. Undoubtedly, the news anchor can give us all lessons on killing it with blazers!

9) And well, who can forget the shimmering red dress of 'The Robin'?

10) And lastly, the classy bride with light accessories

Everything was so perfect about Robin's wedding dress (trumpet style), it made her one of the most stunning brides on the television. Hair neatly tied in a bun, small hanging earrings, sleeves slightly stretched to highlight the collarbone and a tiny heart-shaped pendant turned Robin into a classic bride. Barney was so damn lucky to be swapping vows with this smoking-hot woman!