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9 Things Women Should Avoid For Safety Of Upper Frontal  

As we grow up, our body changes. The new changes, at times, make us quite uncomfortable. Like most women in the world, even I went through the phase of how awkward it is to see our breasts develop in the teen years. It can be incredibly awkward to battle the raging hormones and emotions altogether. On top of that, adapting to changes that our body is asking us to embrace, is downright difficult. But with time, we eventually get used to it and know the exact ways to take care of our upper front.  But there are certain habits that we develop, which are actually unhealthy for our breasts. These habits damage our bodies to a considerable extent. Below are some of the facts that you need to remember to make sure your breasts are healthy and nice. No one wants to invite the risks related to breast cancer, right?          

1. Don't wear the wrong sized bra.  

Only 1 in 4 women wear their correct size. You should always make sure you wear the right sized bra so as to ensure that your breasts do not become saggy or lumpy.   

2. Do not pluck any stray hair. 

Every time you pluck those stray hair or follicles, you make the naturally thin skin much thicker.  

3. Do not get too frisky and pinch too tight. 

Women love when their partners get too frisky and hot in bed but a little too much would do a lot of damage. I am talking about the love bites you girls love. Do not let them scar you. Be light and gentle. Source 

4. No to nipple piercings. 

They are harmful. I know we love to get that. I want to get mine pierced too but the act will definitely give ways for infections, which could be fatal.    

5. No to smoking! 

The harsh chemicals that you inhale with every puff are not just bad for your lungs but for your breasts too. They seep into the skin and make your skin look saggy.    

6. Don't let them free too often. 

Going out for a jog or a walk? Don't let your breats free, wear a sports bra instead.   

7. Stop sleeping upside- down. 

No, the position doesn't make your skin shrink but it surely does alter the shape of your breasts. 

8. Moisturise! Moisturise! 

The skin of your breasts is very thin therefore it is recommended that they should be moisturised regularly.   

9. Do not judge them.  

Stop judging them. It is a well-known fact that one of the other is a little bigger in size. So, there's no need to go rushing to the plastic surgeon for a few ounces of difference.   Share with us, in case you have any other habits.