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These Parents Came Up With The Most Unique Pregnancy Announcements Ever

In the world where uniqueness is everything that matters because being mediocre is something everyone is nailing, it's great to see the new age parents coming forward with their own kind of distinct. I'm talking about the quirky ways of announcing the pregnancy which they're choosing these days that's already making news on various social media platforms.So, we here decided to bring in front of you some of these epic parents who decided to be a bit off-mainstream.Have a look!

Jasmine and Brandon Nehilla wanted to show that they will be having a new baby.

Of course, they wanted it to be absolutely amazing. So, they took this hilarious image.

The couple is quite popular in the music scene of Atlanta.

They noted that they were inspired to take these photos because of some similar maternity pictures that they saw a few years ago.

They are excited to welcome a baby boy in December.

We aren't exactly enthusiastic about Brandon Nehilla's beer belly though.

On the other hand, this guy's pregnant wife didn't want to take maternity photos.

Well, what else was he supposed to do?

He decided to look like the mother instead.

I think his wife wouldn't get mad at him at all for choosing this way to reveal the news.

Let's hope that the baby won't get confused seeing this in the future.

This guys has the courage to do something crazy like this.

He knows that this is true love.

You know that your husband loves you if he decides to have the maternity photos clicked this way.

This mother proved that being pregnant does not have to sound troubling.

She wanted everyone to know that it can be a peaceful experience.

She's really flexible even with her baby bump.

If I did that, I would have fallen immediately on my face.


The baby must have been feeling incredibly comfortable inside.

A mother needs to stay healthy and relaxed for her child.

And having a cooperative husband just adds to the mental comfort.

This is her 'most inspiring maternity photo.'

I love how it evokes a sense of calm and elegance.How would you like to announce your pregnancy? Share in comments.