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Ever Wondered Why Are Our Tears Salty?

It so happens with us that we do not really notice most of the natural things that happen to us on a regular basis. For an example, we never question or try to inquire about why do we get goosebumps whenever something awe-spiring happens to us. In a similar fashion, a lot many other things happen and out of all those, let us talk about tears today.Tears are salty, all of us have tasted them once in our lives, or cried hard to taste them. Tears have trickled down our cheeks to our lips. Either we have laughed our hearts out or sobbed.This phenomenon is possible in either of the two only. *Wink* Here, we attempt to answer a commonly wondered-about fact - "Why do tears taste salty?"

Tears of Joy!

Many-a-times we are too happy to cry. Our tears roll out of happiness. This is when we experience true happiness and revel in the joy of crying. It is a feeling of pride and being overwhelmed by the accomplishment. *Proud*   

Tears of sorrow!

After every sad day comes a glad day. We must not let our hearts sink at sorrows of life. But, despite staying keeping our mettle, we break down. It is when these long tears flood out from our eyes.

When there's nothing sad or happy...

Onions will do the talking to make you cry. Not cried since long? Want to wash your eyes? Simply chop an onion without washing it. I guarantee, there will be tears swamping your face.  Note: We couldn't find the artist of these illustrations and invite anyone who knows her/him to let us know so that we may credit.

Our body has this much salt in it at present.

This fact states that at any time, there is about 1 cup of salt in an adult human body. Also, all our body secretions have salt in them, from sweat to urine to saliva to tears.

Tears are a lubricant for our eyes.

They are the ones, without which our eyes would become extremely dry, and we may lose our eyesight. Tears are salty, and this has physiological, evolutionary and immunological reasons. There are three types of tears- basal, reflex and psychic. These are the basal tears that are secreted to nourish and moisten the eye.

Reflex tears...

These are produced as a reflex action in response to irritation in the eyes. They come out naturally, without emotional indulgence. Many-a-times, they come in inapt situations, and there will be people running to wipe them off.  

Psychic tears.

These are the tears that emerge out of feelings of sorrow, when we cry. Sobbing gives rise to these tears, which run out due to emotions such as suffering, anger or mourning or due to physical pain.

All our body secretions...

Sweat, tears, urine, saliva have salt in them. Salts are present inside cells and pull water in through osmosis. Despite having salt, tears and other secretions don't sting because they have a regulated amount of salt in them, unlike sea water which has about 3% salt.

Finally, we have found the answer.

Tears are salty because of the presence of salts of sodium and potassium in them. But there is a higher content of water in tears. Coming over to the biological composition, tears contain organic and inorganic chemicals such as lipids, lysozyme, mucin, lactoferrin and many more enzymes.  WittyFeed wishes you no more salty tears. Have a happy life ahead. No need to taste tears. Rather, no more tears!