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Soldiers Photographed Before, During And After War Show How Battles Changed Them

Why can't we all stay in peace? Why can't the world remain in harmony, and not fight over every little thing? Well, these are the questions that beg answers, but might never get one because the world we live in is cursed - cursed to plunge war over itself until everything finally turns to dust. While there are several reasons that can justify wars, there's not one thing that can make us think that the cost is negligible. The cost of wars is very high, and the price is paid by every person who is engaged in the act of war or is caught in one. These soldiers were photographed before, during and after being in a war, and it shows the kind of distraught wars can bring onto a person.Check it out.

The curse of wars

Wars have been happening all throughout history but such photos never managed to surface...

Fighting in Afghanistan

These photos are of soldiers who have fought in Afghanistan.Source

Photoshoot by Lalage Snow

These photos are part of a photoshoot by journalist Lalage Snow.

Tremendous changes...

The photoshoot aims at showing the impact war has on young people.

The need to avoid wars...

We need to avoid wars as much as possible, and these photos of soldiers are showing you why.

Notice the change in facial expressions

While some have lost weight, some others just look sad.

Wars might be inevitable...

But they sure as hell should be avoided to the best of our abilities!

Unending wars...

Wars will probably continue to happen for as long as men exist.

See the loss in weight?

Depression caused by what they see during wars is one major factor behind it.

Honour and respect

We must honor soldiers, not just because they are ready to die to serve their nation, but also because some have to live with the negative impacts of war all throughout their lives.

The tough life of a soldier is definitely not what common man would like to taste!