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16 Most Disturbing Images That Terrified The World

Our lives encompass all the spectrum of emotions that a person feels. Whenever devastation occurs at a large scale, the emotions intensify. Whereas a happy moment in society brings the happiness, the sad moments become a black cloud that hovers over people.  The dark moments are the ones that involve a huge scale of devastation, especially when it could have been avoided completely. They gravely impact us. But they impact us more deeply when it occurs on a large scale. They leave behind deep wounds that take a long time to heal.Even after decades, they remind us of the horror, death and devastation. The areas where these tragedies occur often take a longer time to recover from their horrible past. WittyFeed brings you such incidents that shook the humanity in last few centuries.         

16. Spanish Flu Outbreak

When the flu pandemic spread throughout the world in 1918, more than a hundred million people were killed. Even everyday activities were affected by it.

15. Slave Trade at the Atlantic

This photo shows child slaves in 1868 while they were in the British vessel called the HMS Daphne sailing in Atlantic ocean. Thankfully, all of them were saved.      

14. A young crying soldier

The person in the picture was Hans-Georg Henke, and he was part of the organisation called Hitler Youth. Here, he appears scared as Germany was about to surrender after the war.  

13. Mannequins of Madame Tussauds

These realistic wax mannequins were damaged as a massive fire broke out at the museum located in London.   

12. Rescue at Berlin Wall

In this photo, a child is saved by a German soldier on the eastern side because he was separated from his parents. This was not allowed, but he took pity on him.  

11. Hiroshima Bombing

When the United States dropped atom bomb on Hiroshima, Japan warfare was changed forever. It was so powerful that some of the people were immediately vapourised.   

10. Photo by William Saunders

He was a photographer who settled in China and took important photographs. Many of his prints, especially scenes of execution, were considered as being timeless and were used decades later to illustrate current events, according to Wikipedia.    

9. Hungry Mongolian woman

This was taken back in 1913. It was so iconic that National Geographic decided to publish it. Back then, it wasn't a rare punishment in Mongolia for people to be locked up.   

8. The Holodomor

One of the worst famines in the world that occurred in Ukraine. In 1933, it was common to see the bodies of people in the streets of Kharkiv.   Source

7. Wheel-well stowaway

Keith Sapsford was a 14-year-old kid from Australia who decided to stay outside an aeroplane in Sydney as it went off to Tokyo. He died as he jumped 200 feet from the plane.   

6. The makeshift morgue

This award-winning photo shows a dead child being thrown into the ground that became a makeshift morgue in Haiti in 2010. Source 

5. Famine In Sudan

James Nachtwey took this photo in Sudan in 1993. It was taken beside a feeding centre. 

4. The Shanghai Baby

This baby was a victim of the second Sino-Japanese War that later became part of the Second World War. The shelter was destroyed, but the baby survived somehow.    Source

3. China's Lingchi executions 

Lingchi was a method of torture and execution that was once common in China. Basically, it involved inflicting one thousand cuts and slow slicing of body parts. It was called death by thousand cuts.  

2. Nazi concentration camps

In the Bergen-Belsen camp, more than 50,000 people were killed. In fact, one of the victims was Anne Frank.  

1. Fire escape collapse

The babysitter and the girl were about to be rescued by a firefighter, but they felt the need to escape immediately. Sadly, the fire escape got destroyed. This photograph shows 19-year-old Diana Bryant and her 2-year-old goddaughter Tiare Jones falling from the collapsed fire escape of a burning apartment building on Marlborough Street in Boston on July 22, 1975. Source