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14 Pictures Proving That Animals Are No Less Than Stand Up Comedians

Animals are alike human beings in almost everything. They give birth to babies, are protective towards them and possess human values. But, have you ever noticed them laughing their heart out when you crack a joke before them? Or making cute faces when they see their parents coming home? If not yet, these pictures will give you a sure proof that yes, animals also have that spontaneous thinking and humor and have mastered the science of it.Have a look below at these perfect clicks.

1. Was that a lame joke?

And look at that second tiger behind him. Haha! I mean it is still debatable if the tiger was just stretching and yawning, but what we can see here is a hilarious share of laughter while patting its mate's back.Image source

2. Why so serious?

Well, the owl in the middle seems in no mood to pose straight (Wishes to showcase his super-flexible neck).Image source

3. Blushing!

Yeah! And maybe the one standing opposite is his mate. ;)Image source

4. One Man Army.

And that's how a march past is done.Image source

5. Hush!

You better stay away from him!Image source

6. Let us dance!

Tap Tap!Image source

7. Home coming.

Welcome, Daddy!Image source

8. You wanna mess with me?

Better don't.

9. Because you are my best friend.

You can take my shit!Image source

10. I am the king here!

We tried finding the photographer of this image but couldn't find, do let us know if you know who clicked this masterpiece.

11. Okay. Bye!

Kids are kids, no matter whose!Image source

12. I have a bad stomach today.

Overeating issues! Yes, even Comodo Dragons have it!