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10 Fingerlicking Dishes You Can Easily Make From Leftover Food 

Are you one of those people (exactly like me) who always cooks a little more for dinner and then the next morning sit down thinking, 'What to do with these leftovers?' And at the end, just add more and more stuff to your refrigerator.Well, if your poor little fridge is loaded with extra cooked food, here's a way to use the leftovers and turn them into mouthwatering dishes.Here we bring you 10 succulent dishes you can easily make from leftover food. Try these out and write to us if you have more of these dish recipes!

Are you too a crazy gulping monster when it comes to food?

Well, you're gonna love these amazing dishes for sure!

1) Cooked Rice Pancakes

Throw in diced onion, shredded cabbage, chili, and grated carrots in a bowl of leftover cooked rice. Add small amounts of whole wheat flour and Bengal gram flour to the rice and mix well. Add salt, chili powder and 2 tablespoons of fresh yogurt and mix the batter smooth. Trust me, these pancakes will be  a delicious surprise for your taste buds.

2) Honey mustard roasted cabbage

Have a raw cabbage in your vegetable basket and have no other option than to dump it? Wait, hear us out or you'd regret it forever. Slice the cabbage into thick wedges (you can try creative shapes) and pour some honey mustard glaze on it. Sprinkle salt and pepper and roast it till it turns golden and crunchy.

3) Fritters

Prepare this layered dish by placing veggies and tomato/white sauce on a layer of leftover rice/pasta and some cheese and breadcrumbs on it. Bake it till it is golden brown and serve with a dollop of cheese.

4) Vegetable Soup

Stir fry your leftover vegetables/gravy with some garlic and turn the fancy soup to a boil. Tada! Your bowl of health is here!

5) Vegetable Cutlets

Have a bit of every vegetable in your refrigerator, just like me? Here's a yum-yum way out of it. Dice them small and mix them well with bread crumbs and boiled potato. Roll the dough into small balls and let it set for 5 minutes. Deep fry them and serve hot with tomato ketchup, preferably with a hot beverage.

6) Bean sprouts and Green tomato Salsa wrap

This is a really good dish to consume the leftovers in a pretty healthy way. Fry chopped garlic, onions, tomatoes, capsicum, and bean sprouts in a pan and add cumin seeds powder, chili powder, and salt to taste. Saute and mix well. In a pressure cooker, cook roughly chopped onions, green tomatoes and green chilies with a pinch of salt for 3 whistles. Cool it a bit and blend the mixture in a mixer smooth. On the leftover chapatis, apply a layer of green tomato salsa and spread a portion of bean sprouts and wrap it up. Voila! Serve health on the platter.

7) Yogurt/ Curd Rice

This is the perfect quick dish for the lazy and hungry you. Just fry mustard seeds, chilis, and curry leaves in an oil pan and pour it over the mixture of yogurt/curd and rice mixture. Make sure the rice is cool else the yogurt will melt. Add salt to taste and garnish. This dish needs no time and is a delicious makeover of leftover rice. 

8) Pound cake and Fruit parfaits

Have some pound cake from last night's dessert? Well, here's an appetizing way to use it in a cooler way. Beat some fresh cream, sugar, and almond extract (if required) until soft peaks form. Place a dollop of the cream mixture in a glass and place pound cake cubes on it. Garnish with all sorts of fresh fruit cubes and berries and serve cold. 

9) Bread Poha

So a packet of white bread has been there in your refrigerator for a long time and you're wondering what to do with that? Let's get started to put a yummy end to this problem. Fry mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chilis, diced onion, and potato one by one in an oil pan. When fried to light golden, add uniformly crumbled bread to the pan and mix it well. Add salt to taste and garnish with fresh coriander leaves, fried peanuts, and lemon juice. Serve hot and fall in love with the dish instantaneously. 

10) Chapati Pizza

Toss some diced onions, tomatoes, chilis, olives, etc. on the leftover chapati (layered by pizza sauce) and spread grated cheese all over it. Bake it for a few minutes and garnish with oregano and coriander leaves.