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15 Hidden Features Of Everyday Things We Bet You Didn't Know 

While working on a laptop, have you ever noticed that bump at the end of your laptop charger? Do you remember the hole you used to see in your pen's cap? We always thought holes in several things we came across like locks and phones were to see through or blow into them, but where one hole is satisfying international standards, the other is for oiling purposes.  But right before you are all set to Google about these things and find out the reason, let me tell you, there’s more to it. Here are a few more things (15, in total) that we all use in our everyday routines. They have some cleverly hidden features topped with some original purposes; you had no idea about. You might be a person who never gave these things a thought, but now, let’s calm that curiosity down!

Bottle indents

Ever wondered why is there an indent on the bottom of a bottle? It is to prevent the bottle from breaking while opening it since high pressure has been applied while filling the liquid. Higher the pressure, deeper the dent.

iPhone hole

It must not have gone unnoticed from you by now, and to those uninitiated, it is there to record your voice properly when you record. It's a microphone!

Apple charger wings

No, it did not drink RedBull but still has wings to help you with wrapping it around in an orderly manner instead of running everywhere.

Bobby pin

The crinkled side of these pins is supposed to be on the scalp's side, to have a better grip and hold your hair properly for a longer time period.

Hole in the handle

Your frying pan's handle has a hole at one end facing you, and it is not there so that you can hand the utensil but to aid your working hands and provide them with some rest. While cooking, you can rest your spoon on it (as pictured), though no body would stop you from hanging it.

Sneaker holes

If you think they're for better ventilation, then you're partially right as per popular beliefs. Initially, basketball players used to tie their laces through those holes for a snugger fit.

Tiny hole at the bottom of a lock

There's a hole at the bottom of locks (the kind pictured) to let the water drain otherwise it can freeze and break the lock. Also, if you like to maintain your things, then you can oil your lock also from there.

Hole in a pen's cap

Almost 100 people in the US die from choking on pen caps, that is why this design became a part of international safety standards in creating the caps. In this way, even if someone eats it then the cap will have a gap to avoid suffocation.

Copper rivets

These small buttons on your jeans pocket exist because they provide strength to the fabric from tearing apart when stretched.

Keyboard bumps

You find two such bumps or ridges on your keyboard, one on 'F' key and other on 'J' key. After going through multiple redesigns, the current one is made with keeping in mind that your, left index finger comes on F and right on J. In this way, one can access all other keys on the board.

Small plastic lid

There's a miniaturised lid placed on the inside of a soda bottle; it is to stop the carbonated gas filled to evaporate and the soda to go flat.

Fuel mark

Ever observed an arrow on the fuel mark in a car?It tells where your car's fuel tank opens, would that be pointing towards right then that particular car's fuel tank would be on the right-hand side from the driver's seat.

Charger bumps

Your charger has a cylinder-shaped lump at charging point's end; they are nothing but ferrite chokes (magnetic iron oxide) keeping your device safe from high-frequency electromagnetic interference.

Takeaway box

On the off chances that you never noticed them, the takeaway box you bring from your favorite Chinese food joint can be spread out flat and made into a plate. 

Toothpick's tail

A minute portion of a toothpick's tail has been carved off, and that's for a reason. When you want to put your toothpick away for some time and again use it, then it will catch up on all the dust. To avoid that, you can break it in two from the end and rest it as shown in the image. Updated by Cnishq