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9 Signs That Show You're Stuck In A Toxic Relationship

So, you've been in a relationship for quite a while now, but since some time it seems like nothing is going right. What do you do? If your relationship is doomed to fail, what are the signs you should look for? How do you determine if your partner is still willing to work on this relationship or is this just gonna be an easy way out for him?  It is possible to understand a few things about the future prospects of the relationship just by noticing some signs. If you can see through most of these, it is time to end it.    Read on to know about them.

1. Hiding things. 

Not just little white lies, but you have started telling each other major lies. Like you hide about the physical or emotional abuse you're going through in your relationship or you don't tell your parents about how your husband treats your kids. These lies tend to affect relationship a lot in the long run. Only a few relationships come safely out of such a situation.   

2. He wants you to change. 

Wanting to change for the better happens in every relationship. Partners encourage each other to work out or eat healthy, but that's a different story. If he wants you to change your entire personality, he doesn't love you the way you are. Eventually, you will get exhausted trying to please him and he still won't be happy. 

3. Uncontrolled jealousy. 

If your partner is often jealous or suspicious of your actions, it isn't going in the right direction. A little jealousy could be healthy, but making a scene due to jealousy if you work late once a week, is not good. If your partner constantly accuses you of cheating on him, it isn't right either.   

4. If he constantly puts you down in front of others. 

Partners should be constant cheerleaders of each other. They should be a constant support system of one another but sometimes disagreements tend to happen. Criticism can be healthy in a relationship if two partners are sorting things out by themselves. Criticising each other in front of people or putting your partner down isn't required.    

5. You don't feel equal in your relationship. 

Both partners are equally important. It is alright to help your partner during bad times, but that doesn't mean it makes the other one better or more important. If your partner constantly makes you feel that he is more important or what he does matters more than what you do, this relationship is already failing.   

6. You don't have the same goals. 

Every couple pursues their dreams but eventually plans to settle down with each other. If you and your partner don't have the same long-term goals, its time to make a change.   

7. Actions don't match words. 

He might say he loves you, but his actions don't say so. He might endlessly tell you that he misses you but he can barely manage to see you once a week or spends a lot of time with his buddies.   

8. You end up feeling depressed, guilty and helpless most of the time. 

Basically, your relationship is doing more harm than good. If he tends to victimise you even when he's at fault and forces you to feel guilty, it is time to let go.  

9. Your friends and family don't support him. 

Your family and friends are the closest people to you and they would wish for nothing but the best. If they are constantly expressing concern about your relationship, you gotta re-think. Maybe they could be saying something that makes sense and there could be something wrong with your guy.