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7 Naughtiest Confessions By Moms Ever Made

Before I begin, I want to say that we're humans, and we're all driven by various needs and desires in our lives. While our primary needs are food and shelter, the secondary needs govern our actions just as strongly, irrespective of one's gender. Being a guy, one can easily have these feelings without being judged - something that isn't as simple for women.  Being a mother is quite tiresome because you always have to balance your work and your family responsibilities. But many mothers, who like any other single woman crave for sexual attention. Having sex while being pregnant is not dangerous. But there are other things some mothers have done that may be questionable.  Though we can't blame them for their desires, let's read about naughty confessions made by some mothers on Candid - a confession app. Read on to know what I mean.      

1. She can't handle the heat anymore.

She may not be as young as other single women, but you can't judge her for her desire wherein she wants to have some action.    

2.  This is why you should always stay away from your former lover.

If both of you still have feelings for each other, then this might feel fine. But being left alone with four kids isn't desirable.    

3. Patience is the key.

The boyfriend should patiently wait for her to give birth. After all, the woman should get the care she deserves for taking care of the baby inside her.   

4. Mama's bottle of wine.

Sometimes, you can't help it except to get a bottle of wine. Of course, this only happens till kids fall asleep.       

5. This is the kind of incest ....

Let's hope that they know what to do when one of the ladies becomes pregnant. How the parental dynamics work in such a situation is worth a watch.       

6. Money can buy everything.

Hopefully, the money she received is enough to fulfil her baby's needs and that she has no regrets over it.    

7. You got more than a deal during your business trip.

If you want to commit infidelity, make sure that you don't end up with a baby who would hate your infidelity when he or she grows up. Share this with your friends!