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Girl Gives Fake Number To A Guy And What Follows Is A Nightmare For Any Male

It's no secret that at times, girls give wrong numbers out to guys who're hitting on them. It's an easy way out without having to break their hearts right in front of their eyes. And most of the times, it's an innocent tactic. But every now and then, this innocent tactic grows horns and turns out to a brutal one. That's what one guy experienced when the real owner of the 'fake' number decided to have some fun when he started getting texts from the girl's admirer. And what it resulted in was a hilarious roast. Check it out!

Elsie, Joey and the third guy.

Here's what happened. Joey gave his real number to Elsie, but Elsie gave that number as her own to this third guy who was hitting on her. Basically, Elsie wanted to have nothing to do with either one of them!

The third guy had no idea, and he started texting Joey, thinking that was Elsie's number...

Joey figured it all out, and when he did, he decided to have some fun.Note: The picture used above is just for the illustration purpose.

It started off with an inside joke 'Rembrandt?' between the guy and Elsie.

Joey decided to set the guy up for a proper but bizarre date with Elsie.

He stood the guy up (obviously), but the game wasn't over yet!

Now, Joey decided to bring in a slight twist...

Setting up another date!

Lesson learned? Hopefully, yes!

And you should take a lesson out of all this too, for your own good!Share with your buddies who may need a lesson before they end up being caught in such a crazy situation.