Man Tries 59 Drugs And Draws Haunting Self-Portraits For Each Dosage

Taking drugs is illegal and one should not indulge themselves into that sphere of life, agree? It's not necessary that you abide by that. Let's all be grown-ups here and face the fact that things which are prohibited the most, are the ones we go after first. I know some of you prefer to get high on several kinds of drugs and enjoy the feeling of being high. But, does that make any difference in your life? No, the ones who consume will continue to do so and will never care what the world thinks of them. Let me introduce to you a person who does much more than just getting high. Bryan Lewis Saunders turns into a creative person and draws all kinds of sketches and paintings after consuming drugs. What's more is this, Bryan here tried 59 different drugs and the results were just out-of-the-world that are also displayed below.Disclaimer: WittyFeed does not promote drug consumption in any condition.

1. 251-NBOMe

To the uninitiated, one major effect that one has on consuming drugs is hallucinations. Bryan here when hallucinates after drugging himself, sees himself in different avatars and turns the same into vibrant colours on a canvas. Sounds interesting? We bring you the entire collection of 52 images made after trying a different drug each time.

2. Abilify/Xanax/Ativan

This doesn't actually look awful.

3. 90mg Abilify

Bryan Lewis Saunders basically turned into some liquid mess.

4. 1sm glass of Absinth

He looks quite depressed.

5. 10mg Adderall

He turned into a terrifying snake.

6. Alcohol

Getting drunk leads to a wild self-portrait.

7. 10mg Ambien

Just 10 milligrams of Ambien made his surroundings a bit dizzy.

8. Ativan/Haloperidol

Bryan actually doesn't know the dosage provided when he was at the hospital.

9. Bath Salts

Please don't try bath salts. It is an absolutely horrifying experience.

10. 15mg Buspar

He actually snorted this one, and it looks like he just found himself dejected.

11. Butalbital

Butalbital is typically mixed with other medications to help an individual who has a headache or any common body pain.

12. Butane Honey Oil

He seems to have found a way to navigate through his mind.

13. 250mg Cephalexin

For this self-portrait, he actually used both water colors and the drug itself.

14. Half a gram of cocaine

He looks absolutely insane here.

15. Two squirts of a computer duster

Maybe humans should not try things that are meant for computers.

16. Two bottles of cough syrup

Even this common product can make you feel strange.

17. A lump of crystal meth

If cocaine makes you look crazy, then crystal meth turns you into some sort of devil.

18. 20mg Cyclobenzaprine

This time, he's outside with his dog.

19. 4mg Dilaudid

As his self-portrait indicates, Bryan Lewis Saunders thought that he was actually melting on the couch.

20. A shot of Dilaudid and three shots of Morphine

Combining two drugs just turned him into a wacky superhero.

21. DMT

The first photo shows his self-portrait during the intake while the second photo is the effect after taking DMT.

22. 60mg Geodon

It looks like he can't move away from the wall.

23. Hash

He's unsurprisingly happy with the help of hash.

24. Heroin

Bryan snorted heroin and he basically stopped being a human being.

25. Huffing Gas

It's as if his world turned into a crowded arrangement of needles and sticks.

26. Huffing Lighter Fluid

Check out those waves behind him!

27. 7.5mg Hydrocodone/7.5 mg Oxycodone/3mg Xanax

Combining these three drugs just made him look like a villain.

28. Khat

Bryan chewed and drank this drug.

29. 3mg Klonopin

He basically turned into a cat.

30. 300mg Lithium

Bryan Lewis Saunders just became a living vegetable.

31. 10mg Lortab

This is probably one of his scariest yet simplest self-portraits involving drugs.

32. LSD

His mind just exploded.

33. Marijuana

He's off to paradise with that random kid.

34. Marijuana (G13)

This type of marijuana just made him see the truth of life and the universe.

35. Marijuana Resin

Bryan Lewis Saunders looks like he has achieved a state of tranquility.

36. Morphine IV

He became a robot.

37. Psilocybin Mushrooms

His eyes became like jewels with just two cups of this drug.

38. 2mg Nicotine Gum

He took this after he quit smoking cigarette for a couple of months.

39. Nitrous Oxide

He's happy but he also feels empty.

40. Nitrous Oxide / Valium I.V.

He seems trapped inside a black hole, with no way to escape.

41. Opium

He looks like a jester who didn't get approval from his kings and queens.

42. PCP

He could no longer be a human being.

43. 5mg Percocet

Bryan Lewis Saunders looks determined here.

44. Pot Brownies

This is such an appropriate self-portrait for someone who just had pot brownies.

45. A glass of Pruno

His shape just became too freaky to ignore.

46. 4mg Risperdal

The thoughts of the world started reaching him at the same time.

47. Ritalin

He became much more focused than ever before.

48. Salvia Divinorum

He looks like he belongs in the golden age of art and music.

49. 100mg Seroquel

And everything faded away for him.

50. Sodium Thiopental IV

His world started to crumble into nothingness.

51. 250mg Soma

This was the weirdest bath he ever took.

52. 100mg Tramadol

It looks like he's ready to be killed by a samurai.

53. 100mg Trazodone

This looks like an elaborate illustration for medical purposes.

54. 20mg Valium

There are no straight lines here.

55. Valium I.V.

He didn't know the dosage when he was in the hospital.

56. Valium IV mixed with Albuterol and Saline

His head looks really tiny here.

57. 2mg Xanax

He oddly looks like an adult baby here.