32 DIY Bookshelf Ideas That Can Transform Your Home Into A Beautiful Library

Are you an avid reader? Then, here's some good news for you. This money saving tip will help you save a lot of money that you would've spent on bookshelves otherwise. Your hard earned money can now be put to a better use by buying more books, something which matters to you as a reader more than anything else in the world. "We share a vision; to create, innovate and explore the world." Now, imagine a book world where you can bury and squeeze yourself into the curves of the wooden cupboards and shelves. A universe in its own. Yes! This happens! The awesome artists of 'Art People' have been working hard to serve you with the most amazing bookshelf ideas that will make reading a very different experience. We bring some life hacks which will store your books in a simple manner.

1. Is that Australia?

Although, it will depend on your creativity as to what kind of bookshelf will you prefer. Because there's certainly some cost to DIY ideas too and the design you choose will decide the amount of expense you'll have to bear. And, don't forget the time you'll give in since it is more valuable to you for reading than doing these. Choose wisely!

2. A knowledgeable man!

3. Will you have some book-coffee?

4. Interior designing at its best!

5. Tree of intellect!

6. Universe of books!

7. Inspired by a honey comb?

8. Looks quite comforting!

9. Can't take my eyes off!

10. A spiral library!

11. Tick mark the incoming of learning!

12. Staircase of books!

13. Dream bed!

14. Pi or what?

15. S for Success!

16. Wavy learning!

17. Best sofa in the world!

18. Fibonacci, is it?

19. I am speechless!

20. This is the best it could get!

21. So white, so clean!

22. See through the eyes of knowledge.

23. Looks like an elephant's nose.