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10 Times Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Preached Everyone About Relationship 

I often wonder what do Kim and Kayne have in common? How do they manage to stick together? The answer is simple- they're meant for each other. They've been winning over on the relationship front every time even without realizing it. Their outfits, status, Instagram pictures shows their obsession, love, and care for each other. Here I've compiled some of the perfect moments of Kim and Kayne that will guide us some serious relationship goals. 

1. #ThrowbackThursday! 

Well, I love this one! One in a #ThrowbackThurday, the star will post the pictures of the time when they first started dating. 

2. Kanye's Proposal. 

There was a 50-piece orchestra and a dugout stuffed with friends and family and a firework that read "PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE" and of course a diamond ring. 

3. Their "Vogue" Cover. 

Just before one month of their wedding, a picture of this power couple was featured on the cover page of the fashion magazine. #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple.

4. Dinner rehearsal. 

"Then we danced all night in the rain," says Kim.

5. When they got married. 

Their marriage was more like a dream. The extravagant Italian celebration!

6. The way they are proud of each other. 

I love the way this duo celebrates the achievements of each other. How can we forget Kayne's tweet when Kim hit 30 million Twitter followers? 

7. The way they support each other. 

I still remember the way Kim and the entire Kardashians cheered for Kayne when his debut, Yeezy collections was launched. 

8. Kayne's anniversary tweet! 

"I'm so happy to be married to the girl of my dreams… I love you and Nori so much!!! I would find you in any lifetime."

9. Made for each other! 

They look adorable together. They prove us every time that wearing same clothes is not a relationship taboo.