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15+ Heartwarming Photos Taken On The First And Last Day Of The School

Childhood and schooldays hold special meaning in everyone's life. Those were the best days of our life, and having photographs, mementoes, or anything in general that reminds us of those days, is precious. And, I know you will agree to it. I mean, who won't? Now, here we have a collection of photos of people whose ideas were captured in a frame. The idea was to click photos of the first day of the school and the last day of the school, marking the phase of their life; which they will hold close to their hearts, forever. And, they'll even make you feel like you should have done something like that. Anyway, what's done is done.Have a look at these extremely sweet photos.Check it out!

1. Dad and daughter striking the exact same pose after years. 


2. Now that's one amazing way of presenting your timeline!

I wish I had same collection like this.

3. That is such God-level photoshopping.

And so damn creative as well!

4. Mom and son: Then and Now.

Watch the height comparison.

5. From KG to med school.

The glasses!

6. He's even sporting the same outfit!

7. And just like that, 20 years passed in between!

Truly priceless!

8. She grew up to smile wider!

Aww... lovely!

9. From cuteness to hotness!

This girl really transformed big time.

10. Same smile, decades' difference!

Wow, now this girl is my favourite on the list.

11. The attitude, though!

Here eyes are love!

12. Handsome dude!

He must be girls' favourite!