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He Took Pictures As A Third Wheel For 3 Years And It's Simply Priceless

If you've ever been a third wheel on a couple's date, you know it's probably the biggest torture. While they indulge in heavy amounts of PDA or cute talking, you feel like a lone wolf out there. But there are some people who take third wheel-ing to a totally different level. This guy was the third wheel to a couple for 3 years and managed to take pictures of them whenever they hung out. Check it out. 

Believe it or not, this was their first date. 

This guy probably thought of an amazing plan and managed to stick by it for a full 3 years. 

This guy is the coolest friend ever. 

There was more than that and he wasn't leaving it out. 

The couple seems to be comfortable with each other now. 

But this guy's third wheel game is still on. 

The couple is surely happy with each other. 


The adorable couple walks hand in hand while this guy just tags along.