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16 Pictures Of Cristiano Ronaldo That Can Get Him A Hollywood Entry

Cristiano Ronaldo is the sexiest man alive ON and OFF the soccer field. I very well know that the Messi fans will feel a bit hurt after this praise of Ronaldo but I just couldn't help it. He is truly a fashion icon. His seductive looks and captivating personality make girls around the world go crazy for him. Well, if you still do not agree with these sweet and decorated words, the pictures we're about to show would surely change your views. Today, while scrolling his Instagram account, I compiled some of his hottest pictures. Have a look!

1. A fitness and a fashion icon! 

2. He and his seductive looks! 

3. A candid picture! 

4. Such an appealing personality he has!  

5. Excuse me, why are you so sexy? 

6. Here with a supermodel!

7. On a ghost ride! 

8. Just relaxing! 

9. This is what HANDSOME looks like!   

10. That smile, though!