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Photographer Captures Breathtaking Photos That Look As If They Don't Belong To Earth 

Everyone sees the world with their own perspective. And then there are photographers, who do not just have their unique point of view, but also the ability to make the world see it their way. David Keochkerian from France has a passion for photography. He loves to capture, in his words, "the fleeting, the subtle, the beautiful, the rare, the spectacular, the staggering… to reveal how the daily and the ordinary can be filled with enthusiasm". David brings out the strength of the subtle elements of the subject. He has an assorted collection of works which are very expressive and inventive. His photography is captivating and communicates the emotions with each click. And I bet, the pictures below will surely take your breath away with every page you flip. So dive in! 

What a view.

This is just a street-view that shows houses under a beautiful weather. But the way this photo puts it brings out the subtlest differences and contrasts that usually go unnoticed. The calm among the houses and the turbulent clouds in the sky bring up a strong emotion. 


This image speaks for itself. The strength of the reflection of the old building, falling on the modern one, and still, the photo is overshadowed by the former. This variance of ‘Old and New’ make an effective photograph. 


This stunning landscape captures the beauty of Nature with the clouds still fighting between the dusk and the dark. 


Not just the subject itself, but even the distance from it has an enchanting effect on the viewer. The lighthouse standing at a distance from a bridge and a pathway leading up to it create a powerful and inspiring imagery. 


Yet again, an image that captures its subject from a distance. Looking at an enormous building and encompassing its entirety. The strokes on contrasts played on the clouds and their reflection in the water is absolutely gorgeous. 


The man looking admiringly at the massive structure, and the beach submerging in the sea, shifts your focus from one point to another.  


Let’s admit it. Who doesn’t adore a beautiful starry night such as this? 

Fog and beauty

This image of a foggy landscape looks like Nature is having a yawn as if it is waking up.The scene of distant sunrise is captivating along with the winter fog slithering over the waters.

Beauty of cloud.

These daring men scaling the heights of massive sand dunes and the unique cloud hovering over them makes this photo look like an artist’s canvas.  

Starry night

Ah! Another bewitching dark starry sky. And this time, along with the moon to illuminate the night. What an artistic shot. 

A painting?

We have all been here before. And this time, colours bring out the aesthetics of the scene.

The high and low

We all have seen the Eiffel Tower. But the indicative stroke of rush beneath it implies how the monument stands strong even with everything around it keeps moving along. 

Dark beauty

Wouldn’t it be lovely to close your eyes every night to a view such as this? 

What a view.

As the night falls, the river flows toward the moonlight.


The captivating view on the beach, again portrayed with people at a distance, unlike the water and the sky.

Rock and sea

Another beautiful view captured by the photographer.

In clouds

The sheer vastness of the elements is intimidating.


Well, I guess, anyone who sees this image would say: “Winter is Coming."


Again, a typical play of the artist. Subject sitting at a distance with a path leading to it. The turbulent stroke on the sky and the calm of the sheds are a contrast.  


The playful form of colours with the silhouette makes this photo lively.


The brilliantly lit urban night-scape with the vague details on the structures. Yet their massiveness is still the element of strength of the image.  


A scene at the beach past sunset, when the redness hasn’t yet left the horizon. And the people walk along the merger of the waves and the beach with the clouds reflecting in the sea.


Once again, the battle of hues in the sky is being reflected upon the waters. And somehow the land is left unaffected by this. 

The lensman

And here is the artist who has so beautifully captured these ravishing moments of Nature for us to enjoy. Did you like his works? Please write your thoughts in the comments. Feel free to share!  Source . Updated By Harsh