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11 Relationship Secrets You Should Never Share With Your Best Friend

Your relation with life partner must go through all kinds of phases, tribulations and even evolution. Not everything between you and your partner needs to become a headline. Although we do enjoy juicy gossip, friends do not always have to know the lower fluctuation of your relationship.Some people like to brag about their relationship, while some people cannot handle their relationship problems alone and they share among friends, mostly with the best friend. On your part, it could be lighter to share your side of things with your friends, but there are a few things, that only the two of you should know.Let's go through some of the things you should not share with your best friend.(Images used in the article are for illustration purpose only)

1. Fights

Couples fight, no big deal. You both will get back to normal in a few days. It's okay to tell your friends about your relationship and it's okay to tell about your fight but you should certainly not elaborate the details of your fight. Plus, you can go for an honest opinion too from your friend but never explain your fights.

2. Intimate Details

The things behind the doors are to be kept a secret. It will be very embarrassing for your partner to hear about your intimate details from a third person. Only you can make your friends respect your partner.

3. Bedroom Problems

The bedroom talks are done with trust that you would understand. If you are not very much into it, clarify it to your partner but please don't speak about it in front of friends. If said, your friend will never look at your partner in the same way again.

4. Their Personal Problems

There is a lot more in a relationship than just physical intimacy. They not only find you a partner in bed but a partner in problems too. And if in this hope, they share something personal about themselves, it's better not to share with other friends.

5. Their Past Relationships

I mean what is the need? You wanted to know, and you know it now. What would your partner do with it? You both can bitch around about the past number of relationships of your partner but practically it is of no use.

6. Complaints

If you have complaints with your partner, then settle it down with them. But if you complain it to your friends very often, I feel, they will suggest you to leave the person because you become very miserable every now and then.

7. Comparing

It does not make any sense to compare your partner with your ex or with your friend's partner in front of your friend. 

8. Showing your friend that awful gift which your partner got for you.

It's okay if you dislike the gift but it is not okay if you share this thing with your friend. Give your partner a break because at least they tried or you can even consider discussing it with your partner so that the same thing does not get repeated. 

9. Your partner's insecurities

You know each other's insecurities because you feel comfortable with each other. But don't tarnish your partner's trust by making these private pieces public.

10. How your partner feels about your friends.

If your partner does not like any of your friends, it is not the end of the world since he/she is your friend and not theirs. You should try to make situations civil and settle things.

11. Money issues

If you and your partner are facing money issues then it is your business, not others'. One person might be having more demands than the other but this should be resolved by discussing it with your partner instead of gossiping it with your friend.