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10 Crazy Facts About Usain Bolt That Can Land Him Place In A Museum

Usain Bolt, like Michael Phelps and a few other biggies, is one of the greatest Olympic athletes ever. He has won many accolades on the international platforms and is surprising the world since last decade with his inhuman speed. If his documentary is to be considered, he has put in tremendous efforts and his team has always been there for his backing throughout his career. He has brought Jamaica, his country's name on everybody's lips. After all, he already has Olympic golds/records to his name and has garnered three gold medals during three consecutive Olympic Games each. If that isn't remarkable, I don't know what is.Thus, it is only fair to understand more why Usain is a skilled printer. Read on!

1. He has a restaurant named Tracks and Records.

Even if you didn't know who the owner initially was, you'd probably think of Usain Bolt once you get to know about the restaurant's name.

2. Bolt helped his parents work when he was young.

Specifically, he and his two siblings helped their parents manage the grocery store. This one thing is even mentioned in the documentary made on him.

3. He's one of the only eight athletes who've won a World Championship at three levels.

Usain Bolt won at the youth, the junior, and the senior level of the event.

4. He loves cricket.

As much as he excels in the world of sprinting, he also likes to support the Pakistani cricket team. Also, he once went to India and played cricket with Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh.

5. Usain Bolt actually has scoliosis.

His spine actually has a rather alarming curvature. However, he still performs greatly and his records are a proof.

6. His diet was quite awful during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Usain Bolt said that he ate around a hundred McDonald's chicken nuggets each day back then.Source

7. He owns a cheetah.

Well, it doesn't sound weird for the world's fastest man to be with the world's fastest animal.

8. He's actually pretty slow during the first 50 meters of his sprint.

Even if he starts slow, he begins to run incredibly fast during the 60-80 meter mark.

9. He does not want to train anywhere else besides Jamaica.

After all, Jamaica is known for its sporty culture, especially when it comes to running.