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Inspiring Women Flaunt Their Confidence To Fight Beauty Stereotypes

Today, I am talking about some of the brave women who inspired we all to break the beauty stereotypes. The women and their stories are taken from the book 'Underneath We Are Women'. It is a photo book around women and their self-confidence irrespective of their appearance. The book which has been created by Australian photographer Amy D Herrman aims at educating thousands about the endless diversity of females. Scroll down the photography series with no opinions and no judgements.

1. Underneath I am UNAPOLOGETIC

Because physical defects are nothing to be ashamed of. 

2. Underneath I am POSITIVE

Because you never know how strong you are until you stand on your own; no matter it is your legs or your arms. 

3. Underneath I am STRONG

Because your self-esteem has to be larger than your obesity. 

4. Underneath I am RESILIENT

Her ability to show off her scars makes her even more beautiful. 

5. Underneath I am FIERCE

Freaking bad-ass. You can see more of her work on her Twitter.

6. Underneath I am FUN-LOVING

Cheers to staying young from mind and not from the face. 

7. Underneath I am VIBRANT

Because she knows she's gorgeous. 

8. Underneath I am CREATIVE

Because it's not nasty, it's natural. 

9. Underneath I am STRONG

Because you are making yourself strong not for the world but for you.