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11 iPhone Tips Most Users Fail To Realize

In today's day and age, gadgets play a significant role in our lives. So much so, that owning the most modern and updated devices is more than a necessity - it is a status symbol that represents your 'class'. One such symbolism is the iPhone by Apple. The iPhone is amazing. Apple has crafted an exquisite product that combines quality hardware and software, bringing a fluid and satisfying user experience.However, just like every other piece of equipment, this too comes with a warning to handle with care. And I am not simply talking about its fragility here. Not every iPhone user is aware of how to take care of this amazing smartphone.So, here at WittyFeed, we bring you the list of some simple do's and don'ts that you can follow for a longer life of your precious iPhone. If you want to know them, read on.

1. Don't expose your iPhone to too much heat or cold.

Instead, you should always try to keep your phone at room temperature so that it will not shut down or get damaged.

2. Your iPhone also contains so many germs.

The more you and other people touch an iPhone, the more it gets filled with germs. You might even sneeze on it. Thus, clean it using a soft, lint-free cloth, time to time.

3. Too many apps will drain your iPhone's power.

Apps consume battery. If you are no longer playing Angry Birds or Plants vs. Zombies, maybe you can delete it to save space and power. 

4. Don't let your GPS kill your phone's battery life.

If you aren't using the "Find My iPhone" app that's useful if you ever lose your phone or any other app that needs a GPS, turn it off.

5. Also, shut your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth off at times.

If you are not playing Pokemon GO or browsing Facebook, turn these off immediately.

6. Get rid of those "pushes" that drain battery life.

As much as you want to be updated to every email, all these quick pushes will drain the battery life. Instead, check your email when you want to.

7. Don't charge your phone all night long.

Charge it only when it needs to be charged. If it's already full and it's still plugged in, it can ruin the battery.

8. Remember to always have a password.

Leaving your iPhone without a password means that when it does get stolen, all the information can easily be retrieved.

9. Don't always keep your iPhone screen brightness at full.

You don't need to see everything at full brightness after all.

10. Don't settle for cheap, third-party iPhone chargers.

While some of these can work, you can't just trust them all the time.

11. You can correct Siri if she mispronounces a word.

That's right. All you have to do is tell her about it and she will ask you how a word should be mentioned.What other battery-saving and cool features do you know? Share them below!