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14 Lesser Known Facts About Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

DCC (Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders) are an American tradition. Even if you are not a football fan, you will be aware of them. These beautiful girls with their pom-pom and outfit are always set to leave an impression. And they do it like a complete pro. They make sure that their impact stays on the onlookers each time that they see them performing and something similar remains sure to happen when people get to know about the facts related to them. But do you think you know much about these stunning ladies? No? There’s so much to be known about them.Let’s explore about these young ladies together.By the way, you are welcome.

Here you go...

Here we start with the supercool facts about them!

1: When you finally get into a team, you have to choose a look that you will stay in for one complete year.

DCC wants you to look relatively similar throughout the year because of the photoshoots.

2: It is not obligatory but you are supposed to stay in shape. If you lag behind in the game, you will be kicked out.

3: The job has its perks.

DCC is sponsored by companies and hence, the girls get a lot of benefit.

4: Cheering is just a part of the job  cheerleaders do. Apart from that, they teach children, do charity events and a USO military tour.

5: Tattoos should not be visible. Either they should be covered by the uniform or makeup.

6: DCC practices for about 20 hours a week, this number can go as high as 30. It's insane!

7: There's not a specific weight requirement to enter DCC but one needs to be lean to fit into that uniform.

Not to forget, they have to be fit to perform all the moves.

8: Every single girl is trained in etiquettes and for giving interviews.

9: Girls have to be cautious while choosing a guy as some boys see them only for the DCC label they are associated with.

10: Their knowledge regarding DCC's history, sports and nutrition is tested during the tryouts.

11: Most of the girls have other jobs apart from being a cheerleader.

12: Girls do their own makeup for the game.