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Ever Wondered How Do Blind People Dream?

Have you ever wondered how do blind people dream? For most of us, dreams are intensely visual, and most people’s dream is primarily visual. What they see in their dreams depends on how much they could ever see. If someone has been totally blind since birth, then they only have auditory dreams. For people like you and me, we still dream with colors included. We dream during the daytime, and dreaming at night seems a must. But what about the blind people? How do they dream? Let's know more about this.  

People who go blind after seven years of age do report visual dreams in the same way we perceive them.

Which means, the more you experience light, the more you can go on dreaming. 

For someone who goes blind after 50 years of age, he can see vivid dreams just like the person sees after losing his sight. 

However, the age group between 5 to 7 years is quite crucial because some among them can dream while some others cannot. 

Regardless of the visual dream content, it is said that blind people have rich and imaginative dreams.

Reports say that blind people's dreams are representative of their real lives, charged with sound, touch, smell and emotion.

They develop high perceptions of the world and these senses help them to create a dream of their own.

If someone is born with full-color vision but later becomes colorblind, the person may have full-color dreams.