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7 Things Bisexual Women Want You To Know 

Nearly 4% of the world's population is identified as bisexual even if they don't come out with it openly. Being bisexual means you are attracted to more than one gender, and these people face a lot of discrimination. People often assume that they can't 'make up their mind' or it's just a phase that they're going through and ultimately they will identify as straight or gay. But that's not necessarily possible. Even if you know any woman who identifies as bisexual, you don't have to be all judgemental around her but try to understand the world from her point of view. Although, she may not burst out in anger or get violent, but a few small incidents could end up repelling her. Here are some things you need to understand while being friends or dating a bisexual woman. 

1. They don't want to have a threesome. 

Just because a woman is attracted to both genders doesn't mean she will be open to a threesome. Many bisexual women are into committed and serious relationships, so make sure you take care of your girlfriend's comfort zone. 

2. It isn't just a phase. 

Bisexual women absolutely hate it when people say 'it's just a phase' because that clearly not what this is. There are some girls in college who experiment with their sexuality because they are still exploring in their teenage years. But even after being an adult if a woman is still attracted to both genders, that doesn't mean it's only a phase. 

3. Bisexuals aren't likely to cheat. 

This is an old-age myth and bisexuals will be likely to cheat as compared to straight or gay people. Some also believe that just because they're attracted to both genders, they would cheat on their partners with the other gender. Bisexuals have equal chances of cheating as straight or gay people do. Their sexual orientation doesn't make them prone to infidelity. 

4. Stop asking if their partner is OK with it. 

It is likely that if a bisexual person is comfortable with their partner, they have already told them about their sexual orientation. It's not like they're going to hide it on purpose. An open-minded partner will be accepted for who they are no matter what. 

5. Bisexuality is not a 'gateway' sexuality. 

Most often people claim that bisexuals can't make up their mind, or they are just transitioning so they are attracted to both genders currently and eventually they will bend towards one. That's not the case. Bisexuals are and will be attracted to both genders and it isn't a phase for them. Their attractions are equally strong to gay or straight people. 

6. They don't lose their orientation when they're dating. 

Just because they're currently dating the same gender, they haven't become gay. Hence, bisexuals don't turn gay or straight depending on the person they're dating. They are attracted to a person because they are in a relationship, not because they belong to a specific gender. 

7. Sexuality isn't determined by percentage. 

You can't ask them what percent gay they are. It's just not right. Bisexuals don't calculate their preferences over percentage and it cannot be quantified like that. They say that they are attracted to both genders and it could be an inclination of one gender over the other, but that can't be calculated. PS: Images used in this article are for illustration purpose only.