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14 Amazing Gadgets To Make Your Life Hi-Fi

We, in our day to day lives, come across challenges that we wish we hadn't. These hurdles may seem to make a simpler task rather lengthy or inconvenient. Either way, we wish we had something that could help us make it easier. As it is rightly said in this English proverb - "Necessity is the mother of invention."Innovations are always liked by people because they tend to change your life in some way for the better, they are unusual. Although they are quality-oriented and are always made to make your lives rather simpler, unfortunately not all of them can make their mark on a large scale. But the creativity and the diligence in their making must still be appreciated because if they had surfaced in the market, they would have been extremely useful for our daily lives.And here we have a few amazing innovations, which have been launched to make your life better and easier, which everybody must know about.

1. Pre-heated Knife

This pre-heated knife helps you to save time with the things which are cold.

2. Wi-Fi Pen

This is a wonderful invention for which we should thank the inventor, since this pen will assist you to write or draw on the computer screen, by doing it on paper.

3. Electric Notice Board

You don't need a pin to stick your important papers and reminders on the board. This will help you to automatically stick the papers on the board with the phenomenon of static electricity.

4. Magnetic Egg

This magnetic egg helps you to make a nest of pins by sticking them together.Source

5. Dream Controlling Mask

I hope this would help people with their problem of insomnia since this mask emits diodes, which creates patterns before your eyes to determine the nature of your sleep.

6. Five Tipped Pen

This pen is specially designed for writing music.

7. Perfectly-Balanced Flower Pot.

This will prevent your pot from falling.

8. Rocking chair to charge iPhone or iPad.

The more you rock your chair, the more it charges.

9. The Jelly Cloth for cleaning.

This jelly cloth helps to clean the places which are not easily approachable.

10. The Suitcase Bedroom

I think, this invention is beyond imagination, which opens up a suitcase into a 4 metres squared area. It comprises of bed, chair, table, cupboard, light and privacy screen.

11. Egg-Shaper for cooking.

You just have to let the egg yolk fall into the sunny part, and the egg white will naturally take its place.

12. Herb Scissors

These scissors are a time saver because there are five blades to chop down the herbs effectively.

13. Little Printer

This printer can bring little pieces of news and messages to you in the form of a short newspaper.