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Mother Of This Boy Who Is Born With This Rare Condition Is Heartbroken By Doctor's Words

It's hard to comprehend the harsh realities of life when it comes to one's child. I'll not even ask you to imagine about the following but hope that you never have to face such a circumstance in life or the ones you know. A 19-year-old woman who is a resident of Bangladesh gave birth to a not-so-normal child, a kid who is apparently suffering from progeria since birth. The couple who isn't financially well has been struggling to extend their child's lifetime somehow after the doctors told the family that he'd not survive for more than 15 years. Let's have a look at the story of a 5-year-old then, shall we?

Meet Bayezid Hossain

Bayezid Hossain was born in the year 2012 and right after his birth, everyone was shocked after having a glimpse of him. The delivery took place in a government maternity hospital outside Magura, Southern Bangladesh. An "alien" had come into existence as per Tripti Khatun, 19 (mother).

Just flesh and bones

After looking at the newborn for the first time, Tripti said - "I was terrified to see him when he was born. He was just flesh and bones. He looked like an alien, and it was heartbreaking for me".

Parenting capabilities

Lovelu Hossain, 22 and Tripti are first cousins and got married when she was just 13. Though, it's a normal practice in rural Bangladesh (Southern Asia) yet after the birth people started to doubt their capabilities of taking care of the physically challenged.

Parenting capabilities

Bayezid had a full set of teeth when he was only three months old and is brilliant at carrying mature conversations.

Progeria and cutis laxa

The doctors who were present there at the time of birth didn't know what to do. In April 2016, Debashis Bishwas, a consultant from Magura Central Hospital, Magura, met Bayezid and informed that he is suffering from progeria and cutis laxa. He also said about the life expectancy not exceeding 15 years.Information Source

Rs 4 Lakh till date

Lovelu lives with his parents Hashem Shikdar, 50, and grandmother Ayesha Begum, 40 and works as a labourer. According to Daily Mail, with a monthly income of Rs 5,000 (£50), he already has spent Rs 4 Lakh (£4,000) since his child's birth.

No improvement

Even after constant efforts put by the family, none have worked out so far. For Bayezid, they've even visited shrines, fakirs, shamans et al. Although, they've been advised to take medical help by visiting Dhaka Medical College Hospital or Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University in Dhaka due to unavailability of proper resources where they live.

Multiple disorders

The poor chap already suffers from ailments like swollen face, hollow eyes, sagging skin, aching joints, difficulties passing urine with already weak and broken teeth.

Advancing at 8 times of normal rate

As a sufferer of progeria, his body is growing eight times the normal rate, and along with cutis laxa (connective tissue disorder), his skin also hangs loosely.

No community support

It is said that the family didn't receive financial and moral support from the society.

Fear among peers

His intelligence level is more than that of an average person of his age, but children are afraid of being around him. People tagged him as old man.

He's stubborn 

Tripti says - "He’s very stubborn and knows what he wants, and he gets very impatient. But he’s playful, his mind is very sharp, and he’s full of conversation".

Can't attend school

He doesn't attend school yet the mature mind knows how to keep himself busy by playing with his ball, drawing on paper, and after breaking his toys - refixing them.

Not talks invited

He has attained that maturity due to his disease to understand what the ailment is and avoids to talk about it. He does, however, cry when feeling awkward as per Tripti. His relationship with cousins, on the other hand, is a strong one, amiable and humorous.