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15 Times Parents Proved That They Are The Real Boss

It's not easy for parents to handle kids like us these days. We think our parents are oafs and it's easy to diddle them. We are so stubborn that our parents need to act smarter and pay close and constant attention to us to bring them on the track.Do you also think the same? Here I bring some witty notes from our beloved parents when they made us feel 'they are not actually what we think, but are smarter than us'.

1. Smart mommy! 

2. Wrong tube, son! 

3. LOL!

4. ROFL!

5. Just to make sure it's safe and free from poison. 

6. Parents are using memes.

7. Just a NOTE to remind you to pick up the cake.

8. When your parents are trying to practice survivalism. 

9. This is not how you say, mom! 

10. LMFAO! 

11. This is not a NOTE, mind it! 

12. When your kid is curious.

13. When mom isn't around. 

14. Trying every measure to get the kids to eat. 

15. Genius! 

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