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Photos Of Musicians Before And After Their Performance Prove How Tough Is Their Job

Performing music is not a piece of cake, it takes years of practice, efforts, and way too much energy to cheer the crowd, and sometimes people simply forget how much of hard work it is required to get on stage and perform in front of thousands of people. Musicians/singers have to maintain a constant amount of energy to keep their show going, as a tired musician might just get booed off the stage. The energy level put by the musicians into the show often leaves them very drained after the show is over, after all even they are humans. Here are some before and after pictures of musicians which will help you to understand how tiredness takes a toll on them, just like everybody else. The left ones have been taken before their performance and the right ones taken right after the show.Have a look yourself and be the judge here: 

1. 'Vanna'

Davey performing for the fans standing right there with them in the Vans Warped Tour.

Davey Muise

Davey Muise, the lead singer of the band Vanna often has to put in a lot of energy as the band usually performs metalcore, and post-hardcore which takes way too much of energy.

2. Another 'Vanna' performance

But along with the lead vocalist, Davey, Nick can be seen playing guitar on the stage.

Nicholas Lambert

Nick can be seen extremely tired after their act.

3. 'To The Wind'

This is Ryan Murphy, performing with his band 'To The Wind' on the Vans Warped Tour 

Ryan Murphy

These artists work their sweats out on the stage during their performances. And they give their best to entertain the audience. This face says it all.

4. 'The Color Morale'

The audience can be seen enjoying this performance by the band - The Color Morale. The head-banging guitarist on the left side of the stage is our next contestant.

Devin King

If the performers don't keep the stage alive with their enthusiasm, the audience will also die out. A live performance isn't only the test of skills but also of the endurance.

5. 'Terror'

The drummer is going absolutely crazy building up the tempo among the listeners.

Nick Jett

The strength of each beat in the punk rock, usually surpasses the previous one. And it's on the instrumentalists to keep the song breathing the beats.

6. 'Every Time I Die'

The lead singer, Keith Buckley, performs enthusiastically with his band at the tour.

Keith Buckley

The amount of energy a metal band lead vocalist puts into a performance is much higher than many other genres.