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After The Accident, Doctors Said She Would Never Look The Same, But She Proved Them Wrong

It is indeed difficult to face a tragic accident, undergo a face surgery and then expect yourself to look the way you always saw yourself in the mirror before the mishap! It not only makes one lose her self-confidence but also demotivates the person emotionally and mentally. And especially for a girl to face this tragedy and be able to stand up again amidst such disturbing circumstances is what I call being 'brave'.   But no, surpassing all our assumptions, this girl not only recovered from what she faced but surprised us by winning the Miss Universe Jamaica title in 2015.Yes, I am talking about Sharlene Radlein who underwent a massive transformation and achieved what we can't even imagine in our dreams!Let's explore this by reading her story.  

Unbelievable transformation!

Seven years ago, Sharlene Radlein was on her way to see a movie with some friends. Sharlene was hit by a car. She was taken to the hospital, where she got 15 stitches on her face.  

'Miracle Child'

The hospital staff called her as the "Miracle Child". Doctors said people don't survive accidents like the one she had to face and they don't look the same as they looked earlier. But she recovered very soon from such a trauma.  

What a beauty!

Sharlene always wanted to be a model, but she started questioning her dream. She didn’t think anyone would want a model with scars on her face.   

But the 'Destiny' took a turn.

But she didn’t give up at any cost. Seven years later she decided to enter the Miss Universe Jamaica pageant.

And the Award goes to...

She faced all the obstacles and won the Miss Universe Jamaica pageant.

Role model

Her struggle to overcome all odds inspired others to strive for the best.  

Perfect example..

The courage and patience that Sharlene showed is indeed a perfect example for all those who lose hope in their lives because of such incidents. Yes, with faith and belief in yourself, one can change the fate.We wish you all the luck for all your future endeavours, Sharlene. If you too wish the same, then do like and share this article.