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50 Cool And Interesting Websites That Can Instantly Lift Your Mood 

We are so much engrossed with our routine tasks and personal life that things often seem to be filled with monotony and feel a bit gloomy. After all the crisis, wars and other current issues, it appears that nothing looks right whatsoever is happening around in this world. Just relax and chill out!  If you've been stuck and bored with your life and can't take time out for a long vacation, there are many recreational zones on the web. There are ample of cool and amazing websites on the Internet that can help you to kill your time and relax your nerves. Apart from the ordinary and amazing websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram there are droll and awesome websites on the Internet that are truly addictive and will take your game to the next level.  Here, I've compiled 50 addictive websites that will calm you down. Have a look at them! 

1. Rich Kids Of Instagram, one of the coolest websites!

Being raised in a middle-class family, I often wonder how do kids of rich and elite class people live their life? Unlike us, who are close-fisted, they live a lavish life. With the mentioned Instagram's handle name, you can now jump into their lives and see how these spendthrift youngsters splurge their parent's money. 

2. Solve the Riddle! 

This is one of the most interesting and addictive websites that will help in killing your time. It has got amazing puzzles which will spin your head. You just need to be sharp-witted to solve the riddles and puzzles. The website has got multiple levels that will keep you engaged. So, go and turn on your thinking cap.  

3. Madeon Adventure Machine 

Here is a cool website for all the music lovers. Just in a few clicks, this fantastic site creates pleasing Electronic Beat tracks. It is the part of 21-year-old Electronic Music Producer from France. It is a must visit website. 

4. Honest Slogans 

As the name suggests, this popular website is the compilation of hundreds of brands and their slogans re-designed. These brands prepare their own strategies to promote their slogans. Just visit this website and get yourself charged. 

5. Sneeze the Dragon 

One of the most interesting websites to kill time. Just click the dragons to make them sneeze out the fire as many times as you want. This awesome website depicts the combination Javascript and Ruby on Rails through a dragon.

6. A Soft Murmur 

Can't work in a crowded place? Don't worry, just don your headsets and visit this cool website and select the kind of sound. You can even choose intensity after choosing the music from rain, wind, birds and other pleasant and soothing music. 

7. Experience Mount Everest 

It is one of my favourite websites. Climbing Mt. Everest is the dream for many people. This website will make your dream come true! Yes, really! It will make you experience 3D virtual trip over the heights of this giant mountain peak .

8. Time's Timelapse 

I often wonder how human evolution has changed over time. This useful website gives you access to the pictures that have been captured from the satellite that will give you a clear view of how the time has changed over three decades. 

9. Project Alexandria 

If you are a Bibliophilist, this website is for you. If you are still not able to figure, this website is for all te book lovers and book worms. Just enter the book title or name of the author, you'll get the five recommendations based on books identical to it. 

10. World CAM 

World CAM is one of the best websites which lets you search geo-tagged pictures of Instagram. Just enter the location, you'll get all the recent photos clicked near the mentioned address. Isn't it cool? It's a must visit being an interesting website. 

11. Is it normal? 

We humans are very dubious when it comes to matters that are related to us. This website basically lets people to randomly ask questions and get responses from the others to know their perceptions of how they look at things. 

12. Faces Of Facebook 

How about you get the faces of all the users of Facebook at a single place? This website is loaded with the faces of 1.2 Billion+ users of Facebook. And guess whose face appears first on the page? Of course, Mark Zuckerberg! Isn't it a cool way to kill time? 

13. Lamebook 

This website compiles everything which is funny on Facebook and brings out all the awful and embarrassing moments of people on other social networks. This supercool and funny website will surely keep you engaged and kill your time. 

14. Crossfade.io

It is a wonderful website to mix and match audios and videos from different platforms. Just add the source of the audio and video and you can mix them using this tool. 

15. Agar.io

This website is for all the game lovers that enables you to grow your bubbles by cursor movements. Isn't it amazing? 

16. BuzzFeed 

BuzzFeed has grown into one of the most popular websites. This website provides you with the informative articles that use listicles and gifs. They also publish humorous and funny articles. 

17. Animagraffs 

This website offers you something that your can't picture it in your mind; it provides you with animated gifs of how a car, engine and camera works. You must visit this interesting website. 

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18. Cracked 

This website is one of the most popular websites and should be visited by all the Internet users. It is the compilation of interesting and informative articles. It is advertised as 'America's only Humour Site.' Indeed true. 

19. Dear Photograph 

Dear Photograph has a fascinating tagline 'Take a Picture of a Picture from the Past in the Present.' It may sound complex, but it's simple. This website is an image of a photograph taken from the same address in the past. Go Explore!

20. The Oatmeal 

It is one of the coolest comic websites that targets all the trending events and product launches. If you wish to learn simple languages and beautiful comics, visit this website. 

21. Eat This Much 

This website is for all the fitness freaks! Just enter your diet plans and get directions from te website. You'll also get the list of grocery items and the diet you need to follow the entire week.  

22. Giphy, one of the most popular websites. 

Want to have some fun on the web? Visit this website and get thousands of funny and animated gifs and I bet you'll die laughing after watching them. Have fun!

23. A good movie to watch. 

'Because good movie can be so hard to find.' Are you a movie buff? But you never get something interesting to watch? This website stumbles upon the best films and recommends you to watch those movies. 

24. Tunefind

This is one of the most popular and a must visit website. It gives you the access to the most played and famous songs of the movies. It has a record of all the amazing songs that you want to hear. So, what are you waiting for? Go, visit and explore! 

25. Viral Nova 

Viral Nova is a platform that shares all the articles which are going viral on all other social platforms.  It is inclined more on fun rather than content. They are mostly based on images and gifs. 

26. Pixel Thoughts 

Want to relax? Visit this website and meditate for 60 seconds. Just enter the thought that is bothering you and just watch, it will walk away from your life in a jiffy!

27. 1,00,000 Stars 

This website will tell us how tiny part we are of this Universe. It is a must visit website to relax. 

28. This Is Why I'm Broke 

This is one of the coolest shopping websites where you get to browse funky and unique gifts. Some of the extraordinary products you'll find here are LED Faucet or credit card sized toolkit. 

29. Touch Pianist 

Want to work on the piano? Visit this interesting website and play your favourite music without worrying about the notes and keys. The keys on your keyboard act like piano strings and you can hit them to play your favourite tune. 

30. Chessacademy 

This interactive website is for all the quick-witted people who love playing chess and puzzles. They also feature many videos and fun ways to play chess. 

31. Dog Vision 

Here is a cool website for all the dog lovers. Ever wondered what your sweet and adorable dog pictures when it watches something? This website enables you to upload a picture and gives you back the reflection of the picture that dog would see. 

32. Google Maps 2D Driving Stimulator 

There are many streets you always wanted to drive but never got a chance. This website is exactly for those people! This amazing website draws the surrounding based on Google maps, all you got to do is follow traffic rules and drive on the roadways. 

33. My Script Font 

My Script Font is an amazing website to create Font out of their own handwriting. Download PDF, copy it in your handwriting and upload it back. The TTF will be ready in your own style. 

34. LOL my Thesis! 

This website lets users upload funny one liner thesis to it. 

35. BuiltWith

This website gives you complete details of the website and the platform on which it is built upon like the front-end, back-end and other key details. 

36. Down for Everyone Or Just Me? 

Facing trouble accessing your account? Just visit this website and clear all your doubts regarding the errors and problems of your network. 

37. Abobe Kuler 

This colourful website provides a wide range of combinations of colors and designs that you would like to use in the new project. It is basically an online color wheel that generates designs and likes. 

38. Screenr 

If you want to instantly capture all the beautiful screencasts, just visit this cool website. It will keep the track of all the screen-casts. And the best part of this website is there is no need to install the standalone software for this. 

39. Hemingway App

Want to be a writer? Visit this website which will provide you with the free grammar and error checking tool and improve your writing skills. This website was named after the great writer Ernest Hemingway. 

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40. What The Font 

What The Font is a website and is also available as a browser extension. It helps you in identifying the fonts. You just need to upload the image to the website and it gives you back the details of font like style, size, color and more. 

41. Creepy Girl 

Feeling lonely? Visit this website to get the company on lonely nights. But remember, this website is less for you and more for your friend who get's scared easily. 

42. The Invincible Cow 

Well, the Internet version of the childhood game 'hot or cold' is here on this Website. Visit this website to play this game. You'll require headphones!

43. Incredibox 

Incredibox is a website that will give you coolness that you have always desired. You can easily create and run the band of beatboxers. Go and express your musicality! 

44. Smarty Pins

Want to know how well you know the world? Just visit this amazing website and play the game based on Google Maps. You just need to pin the geographical location correctly. The closer you pin, better the results would be. 

45. The Useless Web

This website is an assortment of the useless websites. Every time you visit here, it takes you to the another brilliant useless Web World. 

46. Spreeder, Read like a Pro! 

Want to speed up your reading? It's definitely a must-visit website. Just upload the text you want to read and practice reading. It will not only increase your reading speed, but you'll also get a lot of reading stuff. 

47. What should I read next? 

This website is an ultimate place for all the book lovers. Just enter the name of the book you'd love to read and get the recommendations of the readers. 

48. Fly Guy 

Just play a game and let your character fly high, when you go high, you'll surely get to meet interesting and cool characters. Just visit this website and kill your time.

49. I Love You Like A Fat Lady Love Loves Apples 

Just visit this website and help this fat lady to grab her apples. This site is truly addictive!

50. WittyFeed, the coolest of all. 

WittyFeed is a charticle platform. This website is for all the people who love to express, read, write and explore. It's the YouTube for modern age bloggers who wants to write. It is the collection of viral content trending on the Internet There are a lot many other cool and interesting websites like Reddit  BoredPanda  Quora, StumbleUpon and many more that can help you in learning something new and kill your boredom.

Look at the 50+ cool websites and have fun! 

Share your thoughts about these websites. Also, if you feel I have missed any, drop your words in the comment section below.