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This Is How The Witches Of 'The Craft' Look Like Now

None of us can deny the fact that 90s was one hell of an absolute magical era of all times. There was definitely some sort of magic in the air. Even the movies back then were top-notch classics! Remember the cult classic '90s movie, The Craft? It was a movie about three high school witches who used black magic to suit their own needs. And being a 90s kid myself, I can tell that most of the 90s kids wanted to be like the three witches! But have you guys wondered where the cast of the movie is right now? Do you think they're right in front of our eyes and we can't recognize them? Are they still as famous as they were back in the day? Or are they away from the stardom? You need to scroll down to find that out and I promised you'd be mesmerized!

Neve Campbell played the role of Bonnie, the Good Witch.

How many of you can recall that face? For those who have been a die-hard fan of "Scream" wouldn't even take a second to recognize her! Yep, you got that right! She's the one who played Sindy in the spine-chilling thriller! Oh man, that did scare the hell out of me.

She made into People's 50 Most Beautiful People in 1998.

Breckin Meyer played slacker Mitt. 

He too is 43 and stars in the hilarious show Franklin and Bash.

Skeet Ulrich played Chris and was often a victim of Black Magic.

He has starred in shows like Jericho, Into the West and Law & Order: LA after The Craft.

Christine Taylor played the villain "Laura" in the movie. 

She is 45 years old now and is married to Ben Stiller. 

Rachel True starred as Rochelle. 

She had a quite acting career but is stylish and confident as ever. 

Fairuza Balk was the evil witch Nancy. 

She is 43 now and has done lead roles in the movies like The Waterboy and American History X.