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15 Things A Guy Should Remember To Do In A Serious Relationship

When two people fall in love, they care for each other unconditionally. The relationship they build stands on trust, care, and understanding they have for each other. Just the right amount of these elements in the blend, and you know that you have the partner for life.When a relationship is in its beginning stages, these elements come easy, as there is always a flow of emotions driving you both. But as time passes by, you either get used to each other or away from. In a long-term relationship, you either have to put too much effort into keeping it or none at all.If the relationship is past the "It's just a fling"-phase and is drawn to a rather serious turn, there are a few things guys should take care of. If you want the love between the two of you to flourish and foster, here are some tips that you can use to maintain the sweetness in your love.

A good man will never pick apart your looks

If you are a part of a serious relationship, you will never take jabs at the appearance of your partner in a way that’s demeaning to them. Retorts and snide jokes apart, if you are doing this, you will come off as purposely attempting to lower their self-worth in front of others. 

Don't discourage your partner

A sign of a person’s confidence in themselves is how they help to support the ambition of others. A good man will always be willing to help and support those around him and will never be discouraging or insulting.

Recognize her value

A man or woman should be with you because they value and appreciate who you are, not what you do or how well you sell yourself to them.

Don't make her feel alone in a relationship

Relationships are a partnership. A team. They’re supposed to enhance your life, not complicate it. If you’re with someone who is complacent in life and love, and who puts no effort into you or the relationship, then it’s time to re-evaluate. And no, I don't mean to throw away the whole thing just because 'that one time' when it happened. But if you feel the apathy and lack of efforts on a regular basis, it's better to walk away from it.

Never avoid important conversations

Whether it be between family members or in a relationship, a good man understands that no problem can be resolved until it is faced. The only thing that avoidance of difficulties will accomplish is delaying the inevitable and potentially making things worse.

Run your plans by her

Each of you owns your lives yourselves, so it's all the more certain, that you aren't always available. But if you are planning something together, it should be run by her, and she should have a say in it - be it trips or getaways for a day. Well, that unless you are planning a surprise for her, but still make sure it doesn't inconvenience her.

Never invade privacy

In a healthy relationship, there is no need to hide anything - texts, emails, Facebook messages, whatever. But that doesn’t mean your partner has the right to snoop through them if you happen to leave your phone around or your computer open.

Be caring when she's sick

It isn't a very attractive and fun perk of a relationship to cuddle with a sick person but it's important all the same. And if you are paying your visits to 'Sick-nificant Other', to hang out with her, and hold her in your calming embrace when her temperature reaches the roof, you are certainly gaining secret-love-points for yourself.

Be willing to take things slow

If you have been in a long relationship, I guess you are already good at that. But anyway, you are expected to be patient with her without showing haste - especially when it comes to making love.

You don't actively avoid meeting her friends

You must get comfortable with the idea of getting to meet her friends. Don't worry, they aren't all ferocious, and they pretty much know about you already (girls love to talk). If you are ok with getting to know her lifestyle, you are indicating that you are ready to bring this relationship to a new level.

Let her meet your friends

Along with you meeting her friends, you should also initiate a gesture between her and your friends - girls and guys alike. Though you must not force it, you shouldn't hide anything from her either. Knowing your friends, she will have a better understanding of your social lifestyle.

Give her space

A relationship is between two people, without a doubt. But clearly, both of you lead your lives outside of each other as well. There must be that freedom of space where you are your own being.

Make a habit of complimenting her

She looks gorgeous. And she has put up with you for all this time. The least she deserves is a recognition for this achievement, right? Women love being complimented. Even their scariest of moods can be sorted with a well-placed compliment. 

'Plus One' forever

Whenever you are planning something - maybe a family dinner, or a friend's wedding, and you don't even think about your 'plus one'. The date you are bringing to the occasion is, de facto, your SO. If you say "I have a wedding next week", what you mean is "Make sure you are free that day by the evening, because I'm not going without you"!

Watching Vampire Diaries over the games

If you have been in a long relationship, 'what to watch' has been too trivial a matter to fight on. Besides, sometimes, it's only natural for you to sit back and enjoy her preferences as well like she usually puts up when you scream at the screen when your team loses a score.