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Real Hulk-Man Exists And He Looks More Muscular Than The Animated Version 

Many of us have grown up watching animated characters and have always wanted to meet them. Carrying the same curiosity as to how would they look in real life, we were taken to Disney land or amusement parks where there were people wearing props like those characters. They were really good at their jobs and almost made us believe that the actual Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck was standing in front of us. Although, it was never true because they never existed. We realised this as we grew up and had accepted the fact that the animated characters can never become a reality. But, what if, today I tell you there exists a Hulk or Hercules in the real world and is a resident of Iran. As surprising as it sounds to you, I was also astounded after reading about him. Later I had to believe because this man who has earned the name of Hulk is for real and now that you want to know all about it then how can I leave you with only that much of information? Read on to know all about your real-life animated person.

'Persian Hercules' 

The fictional superheroes of Hollywood can't just be seen in movies only as this person exists in real life too. Meet Sajad Gharibi, 25, who is a resident of Iran made sure that in a world where it's all about one's presence on social media, he earned his name in the virtual world. Keep reading to know all about him. 

175 kilograms

The man who goes by the name of Persian Hercules is no joke since the man is able to lift almost 175 Kgs when he weighs only 155.5 Kg. Sajad here got famous in the world of social media once he started to post his photos on the picture sharing handle Instagram and now has more than 302k followers.

Iranian professional powerlifter.

Apart from being an internet sensation, he also continues to take part in bodybuilding competitions representing his country. Certainly, with Hulk-alike looks and strength, people on the internet go crazy over his Instagram posts, but there's a peculiarity in his posts.

No diet or advice

It is a general trend followed by people involved in the world of bodybuilding that they often make posts related to the diet they follow or the ways people can build a body like them. The man compared to the fictional superhero does not believe in following this trend as he instead posts pictures with his massive build, but it's not just that.

Most bodybuilders only dream

Where thousands of people go to the gyms daily and want to have such a physique to flaunt, the 'Iranian Hulk' revealed that he wants to join the forces against ISIS and be a soldier. Not all are impressed because some call him a 'beast'.

Combination of English and Farsi

In a video on Instagram, Sajad speaks in Farsi, "I have always said and will say that I will be a soldier for my country,” and also says that he looks up to becoming the head of the Quds Force, a special forces unit of Iran.He prefers writing in Farsi in his Instagram posts but uses the English language while writing hashtags.

Threatening body!

While some aspire to develop a body like that, others also get scared because of the heavy build. It also appears that he has a very small neck, but that's because a hunch is there on his back due to the back and shoulder muscles protruding. 

Friends and family say differently

A body like that has nothing to do with a person being nice or rude. His family believes that he is a really very sweet and kind hearted guy.

Some hashtags 

#strongman #strongbody #big #mucsles and #powerful are the hashtags the Persian Hercules uses with his shirtless posts to amaze all of his followers.

Posing with smaller objects

Sajad also loves to project how huge he is when posting pictures with objects which appear much more smaller when he is holding them. Like the pictured Red Bull can.

Not always shirtless

The images you'll be seeing further are some of the selected images which throw light on some other aspects of his day.

The religious pose

Well, it's not all about bodybuilding and weight lifting, as you can see that he also indulges himself in some prayers to God too.

Another one for comparison's sake.

If you were wondering how would you look while standing beside him, this is how small a man with a normal physique looks like compared to him.

With a boxing bag

And, this is how small a boxing bag looks when he holds it in his hands. But, he wasn't the same as a kid, of course, he wouldn't be.

This is how he looked...

Sajad posted this picture on his Instagram post which shows how enormously huge he has grown in the recent years.