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12 Hacks Girls Should Know To Have Comfortable High Heels

Our apparels define who we are. It isn't merely a society of 'Dress to cover.' It has become one where you 'dress to impress'. And among them all, girls keep themselves on their toes regarding the fashion trends - quite literally. And hence, high-heels have found their way into almost every girl's wardrobe.High-heels redefined footwear for women. Along with giving you an added height, it also boosts your confidence in yourself. But even they aren't very convenient to wear. Girls face numerous problems regarding the heels - like blisters, pain and the straining posture while standing and walking. It's a challenge to get comfortable high heels without compromising a little discomfort.Now, what if you get to know about simple ways to make you feel comfortable in heels? That's right. Here, we have some of the easy and simple ways of turning your killer heels into comfortable heels.

1. Freeze them over.

New heels are usually tight. To break that, simply put a zip bag filled with water inside your heels and then put it in the freezer. Later, break the ice inside your heels. This will stretch your heels perfectly making it easier for you to adjust your feet.

2. Use roll-on deodorant on edges.

Using roll-on deodorants, or lip balms, will avoid blistering on your feet, and also it will become easier for you to slide your feet inside.

3. Tape your toes together.

Bind your third and fourth toe using a medical tape or bandage while wearing high heels. This will help you avoid any extra pressure in your veins, hence, resulting in no swelling.

4. Use dry shampoo to avoid sweat.

Sweaty feet can make you fall or can also give you boils and blisters. To avoid this, use dry shampoo on your feet before wearing heels. 

5. Use Vaseline to shine your heels.

When you want your heels to shine use vaseline, and that will really help you in making your heels look shiny and beautiful.Hope you liked it. Share it with every heel crazy girl.

6. Use cushions and insoles to get comfortable with high heels.

Insoles inside your heels are always bliss. These cushions and insoles will make you feel comfortable inside your killer heels. If you don't get pre-attached cushion insoles, then buy them and place them inside your heels.

7. Walk Properly

High-heel inconveniences can be majorly avoided by simply having a proper walking posture. For example, try walking from heel first - place your heel before the toes. This avoids the chance of tripping and also prevents excess pressure on the toes.

8. Blow dry your socks and use them as your insoles.

Put on a pair of socks and then put on your heels and then blow dry your socks. Use them as your insoles all day long. This way you will be able to break more easily inside your heels.

9. Don't switch from heels to flats directly.

It's good to let your feet adjust to the height difference first. For that, you should switch from high heels to low heels, and later on to flats.

10. Use sandpaper to avoid slipping.

Newly bought heels usually have a smooth sole. In order to avoid tripping over and fall face first, rub sandpaper at the bottom of your heels.

11. Give your feet a soak.

Make sure that you soak your feet in lukewarm water for 20 minutes before the night you are going to wear your heels. This will soften your feet resulting in adjusting your feet easily.

12. Shop for high heels at night.

It is believed that your feet swell by the time the sun sets, and if the shoe fits by that time, it means that you won't have to struggle every morning fitting the feet in.I hope these tips and hacks were helpful. Share this with all your friends, and help them save their feet.