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16 Incredibly Powerful Photos That Can Take Away All Your Attention

For every bad thing happening in the world, there is always a small yet good thing that restores our faith in humanity. While some wicked people from the ISIS or any terrorist group for that matter are busy killing innocent people, there are celebs bringing smiles on sick children's faces.Here are some of the compelling photographs which speak for themselves and will definitely take away all your attention. Share this list with your friends who are upset from their surroundings. 

1) Firefighters rescuing a woman from a car that was about to go over a bridge.

Now if you look closely, you'll find that the firefighters are equally in a dangerous position. But no matter what, I am damn sure that any kind of double thoughts must not have even crossed their mind before going out and rescuing. These are real superheroes who don't possess a superpower and yet have the guts enough to go out and help people.

2) This dog named Leao sits on the grave of his former owner who died in a landslide near Rio de Janeiro.

3) The nature showing its ultimate power.

4) This woman performed a CPR on her 5-month-old nephew on the roadside.

The baby made it to the hospital and received the 

5) A surgeon who has just finished a 23-hour long successful heart transplant surgery.

Look at his assistant at the back!

6) This man risked his life and saved a litter of kittens carrying them in a basket over his head during a flash flood.

7) This woman climbed the illegal Haiku Stairs in O'ahu, Hawaii and enjoyed an incredible sight from her swing.

8) A group of Christians protecting the praying Muslims during a protest in Egypt.

9) Dog desperately clings to his savior.

10) Soldier reuniting with her daughter after serving for 7 months in Iraq.

Terri Gurrola gets reunited with her daughter.

11) This tree growing on another tree's branch.

12) This man holds his old and sick heart just after his heart transplant surgery.


13) A man rescuing four puppies from a flash flood in the Philippines.

14) Emergency room after saving a life.