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17 Instagram Pictures Of Emilia Clarke That Prove Her A Real Badass

In 2015, this British actress, Emilia Clarke was titled as the 'Sexiest woman alive' by Esquire magazine. But, we say the 31-year-old actress is equally 'cool' in her real-life as well, and her Instagram posts shout that.Our Khaleesi's 'Game of Pictures' is on point and there is no other way to boast about her but let everyone know that one needs to follow her straightway to laugh their heart out with her 'Game of Thrones' puns and references. We bet you will fall in love with her.Have a look!

Once you start to fall in love with her beauty and smile, you'd find yourself scrolling all her pictures.

That look on her face when she wakes up from sleep, it's enough to kill anyone.

And this, when she poses for a magazine cover.

Yes, you can fly to the heights like no one else has flown before.

Right, when Khaleesi met Joey. 

AWW! How you doin'?

Talking about another heartthrob, even Ryan Gosling couldn't control his excitement for Game of Thrones.  

Ok! And when she played the good cop bad cop game. 

Her dragon puns, they are hilarious!

The time she behaved just like a GOT fan. 

The day she grooved with a Dothraki. 

Oh, yeah! That's like the Mother of Dragons. 

When she looks at food like it is her world. 

And she laughs carefree. 

When she takes casual strolls with Mr. Longbottom.