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Your Eyes Will Never Believe The Beauty Of World's Prettiest Horse

Have you met the world's prettiest horse? For equestrians, enthusiasts and maybe, ruminant biologists around the world who have an interest in horses, this story is for you. If you're not one of them, then you're about to join their clan. Have you ever seen the epitome of grace in galloping, perfect mane and tail, flawless skin, undeniably charming aura, and photogenicity? Right now, we have that here. Let's celebrate today, as we've come to see the majestic view of this humongous horse we don't see every day in our daily lives. This creature is very excited to show the world how well he was raised by the person who owns it. In fact, you can feel that through its tantalising eyes.Without further ado, let's witness how this horse which has become an online sensation. I tell you, the horse with a perfect package. 

World, meet Frederik the Great! 

Frederik the Great is a Friesian stallion based in the United States. 

He was named after the King of Prussia, Potsdam, Germany.

Not bad right, as Frederik, is nailing his existence as a horse. Well, admittedly, it hasn't won many tournaments nor is victorious, but look at its looks? Winning, indeed! 

Frederik's breed is not endemic to that of America's.

Friesian horses originated from Netherlands.

"Sorry horses, I'm hair-flipping."

Even women with the prettiest hair strands can be surpassed by this 'hottie horse'. 

Well-developed muscles and intricately-toned skin.

Owners must be proud of how things went for Frederik.

Frederik is famous over the social media too.

Mind you; this horse has more than 68,000 likes on Facebook and owns a blog too. Do you have that? 

Well-developed muscles and intricately-toned skin.

Mighty gestures overall, what other horse-owners dream for their pets. 

Look at that sweetness!

That sweet and passionate kiss only from the epitome, with matching the shiny hair.

Incomparable mane, indeed! 

You're going to love this forever.

Audrey fan too!

The black beauty is no less than a celebrity on the social platform Facebook.

Frederik is into Valentine's day too!

Its posts are also seen with hotties on Valentine's day, giving you some serious goals.

Flexing its muscles in full action

No doubt, even the Hollywood celebrities with all that muscle cannot overshadow the boldness of the animal.

Horse with a photogenic face

Frederik is even into candid shots and they're just as good as any human.


Before that, do have a look at the videos.

Greatness at work

You don't have any shoots, right? The next video you'll be watching is savage.

See it in action and fall in love

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