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19 Sarcastic Jokes By Chandler Bing That Made Him The Uncrowned King Of Comedy

Could he BE any funnier?Well, if you've caught that, then you're probably a FRIENDS fan, the show that started in 1994 and stayed in our hearts since then. It doesn't matter that the show had only 10 seasons, but we can watch re-runs of it and never get bored.F.R.I.E.N.D.S. has been a show that, along with having a stance of nostalgia, fills its viewers with the whole spectrum of emotions, and much more. Each of its characters - Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, and Chandler - somehow encapsulated the essence of everyone in the world. Each character had some resemblance to each of it watchers.But the character that specifically stood out of the rest was the king of sarcasm - Chandler Bing. Often cited as one of TV’s most lovably sarcastic characters of all time, Chandler had so many genius satiric moments that will never be forgotten.This list could actually go unending, but we tried to get the best moments of our favorite 'Chandler Bing'. Let's take a look, and have a laugh!

1. Rachel's bridesmaid dress

When Rachel walked in wearing that awkward bridesmaid's dress. In his defense, she did look a lot like Little Bo Peep.

2. Rabies

Because shaving and rabies can be gotten confused with, right? But, he always knows how to get back.

3. Indeed, a small world

When he runs into Janice, wherever he goes.

4. The Vanilla Ice look-alike contest

Best friends aren't best friends if they don't tell on each other. 

5. The moment of doubt

Chandler has always hidden a side of femininity. And at moments like these, it appeared on the surface.

6. Pivot

The most awesome 'Shut Up' scene in the whole world.

7. Marriage

The one where Chandler clarified the definition of a successful marriage for Ross.

8. The secret message

Even I wondered what was the tailor gonna get from a 'Hello'!

9. Joking to the door

He has been funny even when no one is listening. That is what makes him the ruler of our hearts.

10. Aw poor Chandler couldn't get any date. 

That is a statement, I guess, all us single ones can relate to.

11. The response to 'I love you'...

I can relate... To me, it had been 'It's OK'! *cries in the corner*

12. Remember the bachelor party? 

Well, it wasn't the kind of party he was looking for.

13. So subtle

It's always funny when he points out pretty obvious things. 

14. When it isn't funny enough

Nothing can beat this fellow! Except that is a website, not the email address. Jussayin'.

15. Poor poor Ross

The one where Ross gets a fake tan.

16. Phoebe's rehearsal dinner

Cracks me up every time.

17. Chandler knows EVERYTHING! 

Looks like he understands their situation.