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15 Epic Illustrations That Perfectly Depict Modern Girls' Problems  

Life is not an easy piece of cake to cut through. But it turns out to be even more difficult for every girl who wants to have a fairy tale lifestyle. Choosing a perfect dress, dealing with messy hair in mornings, dealing with the impact pout and the list goes on.  Cassandra Calin, a Romanian artist, illustrated some amusing sketches based on the daily life of a woman. The comic artist based in Montreal, Canada, projects all sorts of problems starting from clothing, makeup to dating. She illustrated all her lifetime experiences and the daily life tantrums, which she shared with us. I am sure you will enjoy laughing at the amazing portrayals of the silly things that happen with every girl. And I am sure every girl would relate to this.    

1. I wish these tutorials actually worked just once 

Just a little more and the eye-liner was almost about to match! Lol... Why you do this?  

2. Expectation and Reality 

This is the actual difference between how I want the photo versus how it actually turns out. 

3. Sleeping .... Beauty?

Don’t get scared... Yes, this is how she looks while sleeping!

4. Seriously! Just once!

Epic makeup tutorial failure! Before versus After!  Source

5. Damn it! Couldn't nail it!

Damn it! At last, she failed to protect one of her nail polishes from getting spoiled.   

6. I'm fine!

When she says, "I’m fine," never believe her! 

7. Quite long!

It is 2017 and she still is single with her so long hair! 

8. Want to freak out? 

Hair-done, pout-done, ready and the blast! Or is it?

9. Nothing to wear

When she has no space to keep her new clothes and still doesn’t have anything to wear!

10. The (un)comfortable chair

And so, I too hate leather chairs!

11. Time for presents

Whoa... That’s for herself on the Christmas.

12. Yeah, that's perfect!

Never fully satisfied with swimsuits!

13. Sophie's choice

The biggest dilemma in a girl’s life - "Should I eat or not?"Well, it’s just a small piece.