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16 Most Embarrassing Pictures On The Internet That Went Viral AF 

Remember the most embarrassing text fails we brought to you a few days ago? Well, from the big and the hysterical set of embarrassing Facebook posts, awkward wedding photos, and even the weirdest Bible verses, we've picked 16 of the most embarrassing photos of all times on the internet.The internet is full of funny and a bit unsettling pictures that can bring us to shame and smile at the same time. Enjoy sixteen of such brilliantly abashed photos from the world of the internet.    

1) The boy getting hit in the nuts.

While he might never allow anyone to click one such photo of him, he was just helpless in this case. Up next are the images that were also most possibly not taken with the permission, but they definitely have all the powers on the Earth to make the ones photographed extremely famous.

2) When look-alikes meet!


3) Back to the era..

King's seat!

4) All the Celebrities!

Well, this is particularly not an embarrassing one but surely the one that went viral on the internet and hence features on the list.Note: WittyFeed stands totally against any sort of racism and does not believe in discrimination on the basis of any such thing.

5) That is a big hit!

Hard smash!

6) Tim Duncan is so damn good at cuddling strangers.


7) Perfect...perfect.. DAMN!

Odd one OUT!

8) Half man, half pufferfish.


9) Seriously, WHAT IS THAT?


10) This guy did, but you don't need to lose your head!


11) That rugby player about to get his nuts cracked is Superman indeed.


12) If only there was another way to tell he's evil!

Devil's horns!

13) For that skinny a figure, those are some good (fake/real) assets!

Again, we will ask you to love the skin you're in.