How Many Horses Can You See In These Paintings? The New Addiction Of Puzzle Solving

Optical puzzles have been hitting the internet for quite some time now, and we've been challenged by even more tricky illusions every time we search for one. But these aren't the things of the millennia. In fact, artists have been doodling them from a very long time.Artist Bev Doolittle painted a gorgeous horse painting back in 1975 titled 'Pintos.' Bev with her husband was on a voyage around southwestern regions of America when she was enthralled by a herd of chestnut horses. The view of those horses staring at the couple made an impression and was carved in her heart. The artist was then struck with the idea of making such paintings, and now when you will be going through Bev's artwork, you'll know how hard it is to make one. But, that's not the objective, then let's focus on finding the horses in the following couple of images.

Count, count and keep counting

Wondering why did I say that? Well, the images are not that easy to decode by spotting the horses. You'll experience that in some time.

And the answer is...

Finished with the counting? There are five horses in the painting! How many did you count? Let us know in the comments below.Want to test your eyes more? 

Invert this one

This painting is titled 'Seven Horses', but most of the people fail to locate all the seven of them. How many of these seven can you find?

Most of the people get successful in finding these 4 horses.

I hope you were able to find that much at least.That is the reason I asked you to invert the picture too.

Here it is

Do you see it?

Told you so...

Because it is much more concealed than the previous ones. You should've flipped the painting before only.

The last one is an absolute mind-boggling one. Hint: The horse has already left the frame!

How many of these horses did you find in your first attempt?Because you have crossed another level. The next one is tougher.

Can you?

Did you just go blind or still can find horse faces in this one?

There they are!

If you think there are still some hiding, let us know in the comments.But, wait until you see the next one.

Single rider, multiple horses

Be meticulous this time, give attention to the painter's detail and see from his perspective.

How many did you find?

You weren't able to find all, true?Let me give you a hint for the next one then, there are no horses.

Count the faces

A painting full of human faces, I dare you to find them all and if not then you can try finding horses in it.

Don't miss the ones I haven't marked.

Yes, there are still a few left. Were you finally able to spot horses in a much better way?Then, the next one is the toughest of all.