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Ever Wondered Why It Is Physically Impossible For Women To Look Like A Barbie? 

We have spent a significant part of our childhood playing with Barbie dolls. Any girl in her childhood has been highly inspired by the beautiful dolls they played with. And like me, most of you might want to look like a Barbie doll.Who doesn't? Who doesn't want to have a perfect figure, baby doll size body shape and a lot more? Sure, that is the idealisation of beauty as it is adorable shape to be in. But believe me, the price of beauty may be more than you're willing to pay. If you are dying to be like the unrealistic plaything, you might have to curtail largely on your appetite and in return, you may get into eating disorders.  WittyFeed brings you downsides of the perfect Barbie figure that you want to achieve. Read the complete article to know why it is harmful to look like a Barbie. Let's get to it.    

The impracticable measurements 

The Barbie doll is supposed to be 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weigh 110 pounds, which are about 35 pounds less than the weight of the healthy woman of that height. Her body mass index also falls under severely underweight range.    

Insufficient fat

With these body proportions, a woman would not have the required body fats to menstruate. You see, how much a woman has to change to get Barbie's body proportions.    

No room for liver

Can you imagine a body working without a liver? Obviously not. Barbie's 16-inch waist which is 4 inches thinner than her head will leave space for only a half liver and few inches for intestines.  

Walk on all fours

Busty Barbie would only have only size 3 feet and tiny ankles which mean she'd have to walk on all fours. Source for Infographics

Impossible dimensions

Her arms and her wrists of 3.5 inch will be practically useless. Her long and skinny neck wouldn't be able to hold her head either.  

Gain five inches in chest size and lose six inches in waist circumference 

To maintain these impossible measurements and body proportions, an average healthy woman has to gain 5 inches in chest size and lose 6 inches in waist size. Clearly, the balance of this figure won't be stable.   

Oversized head 

Barbie's head would be two inches larger than the normal woman's head, resting on neck twice as long and six inches thinner. Impossible it is, isn't it? She would be incapable of holding neck with these measurements.   

Unable to lift weight

Her fragile wrists and thin ankles would prevent her from lifting any weight, including her long body.   

So skinny

She is so skinny with impossible dimensions that it is ridiculous to consider her as a role model. Not only that, her figure will not allow her to hold and balance her own body - not to mention, the malnutrition hazards that will follow.   Source